Report: Steelers sign 12 undrafted free agents

Scott Brown is reporting that the Steelers have signed 12 undrafted free agents.  The team brought in 2 special teams players.  They also brought in 6 defensive guys and 4 players on offense.  Here is the list of guys the team added.

Undrafted Free Agents:

Brandon Lindsey- OLB Pitt Connor Dixon- WR Duquesne Drew Butler- […]

20 Potential Undrafted Free Agent Targets

The Steelers had a really good draft which I will recap tomorrow.  Tonight it is time to start reaching out to the undrafted free agents to see who else the Steelers can add to their team.  There are some good prospects left out there.  Here are my top 20 guys to take a good hard […]

Steelers Undrafted Free Agents

This will be a running post.  Everytime we get a new name it will be added to the list.  Here are the guys who seem to have been accounted for but not signed yet by the Steelers.  This list is going to be just like the lockout.  Rumors will fly over and over but until the Steelers […]

Notable Undrafted Free Agent Targets

Here is a list of guys who were not drafted that could be potential targets for the Steelers once the CBA is signed.  Those in bold are players who were players who were highly rated prospects but dropped for some reason or another.

Undrafted Players

Brandon Bair- Defensive End, Oregon DeAndre Brown- Wide Receiver, Southern […]

Update to the Undrafted Free Agent Update

The Steelers have just officially announced the signing of seven undrafted free agents.  Included on the list, as expected, are Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, Taco Thompson, Dorian Brooks, AJ Trump and Demetrius Taylor in addition to Kyle Jolly, an OT from North Carolina, and Justin Thornton, a safety from Kansas.

Notably not included on the list are the […]

Steelers Undrafted Free Agents – Update

The Steelers undrafted free agent situation continues to be downright confusing as so many different contradictory reports are out there.  Here is what we know for certain right now.

Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, Taco Thompson, and Dorian Brooks are all definitely signed and will be in camp while Lindsey Witten and Andre Dixon definitely are not signed […]

Steelers Sign UFAs

Just because the draft is over doesn’t mean that the Steelers are finished bringing in new faces and today’s preliminary Undrafted Free Agent signings include a few very interesting names.

Ciron Black – OT/LSU – Black has great size at 6-5 327 and was projected as a possible 1st rounder if he had come out […]