Kevin Colbert says Wallace will not be traded

Rumors have been flying from all around of whether or not Mike Wallace would be traded.  Since the signing of Antonio Brown the other day there was a question as to whether or not Wallace would be with the Steelers this upcoming season.  Well it seems as if that question has been answered.  Kevin Colbert […]

Well Look Who Came Crawling Back. Kind Of.

In moderately-interesting-news news, former Steeler turned free agent turned Cardinal Bryant McFadden turned back into a Steeler today for the 2nd of the Steelers’ 4 fifth round selections.  McFadden was a valuable player for the Steelers, making 18 starts before leaving for Arizona on a 2 year/$10 million contract before last season.  And now, after […]

Colon Signs Tender – Asks for Trade?

Willie Colon signed his restricted free agent tender, and his agent is shopping him around.  Should another team sign Colon, the Steelers will have a week to match their offer.  If they do not match, they will receive a first round pick.  Interested teams as of now are the 49ers and the Packers.  […]

Rooney on Roethlisberger, He will be Punished

Today at 2:30PM, the Steelers President and co-owner, Art Rooney II, gave a press conference regarding the status of Ben Roethlisbeger and the trade of Santonio Holmes.

He confirmed that Roethlisberger is back participating in off season workouts with the team as of yesterday.  He did not deny trade rumors but he did say, “We […]