Steelers have around $1.32 million to spend after RFA Tenders handed out

Now that all of the RFA tenders have been handed out.  The exclusive rights free agents have their offer sheets.  Then we got $1.6 million back from the Cowboy and Redskin debacle.  The Steelers had $10.5 million heading into yesterday.

Free Agent Offers:

Mike Wallace- $2.74 million Ramon Foster- $1.26 milliion Doug Legursky- $1.26 million […]

Cowboys and Redskins give Steelers $1.6 million in cap space by not following the rules

It is understandable now why the NFL was not able to hand out the salary cap number this season until yesterday.  Adam Schefter is reporting they were trying to figure out how to work the Redskins and Cowboys penalties out for dumping salary in the uncapped season.  The Cowboys were charged $10 million and the […]

Steelers have $10.5 million in cap space as of 3/11/12

Pro Football Talk has reported all the NFL Teams salary cap space for this season as of yesterday.  The Steelers right now are $10.5 million below the cap.  That may look like a good number but it is not including the Restricted or Exclusive Rights Free Agents.  The number will dwindle to almost nothing as […]

Report: Salary Cap expected to be $120.6 Million

Jay Glazer is reporting that the NFL salary cap announced Monday will be $120.6 million.  The Steelers will also have the $500k they did not spend on last years cap to use.  That will give them $121.1 million to spend.  The Steelers by my count are at roughly $111 million at this point.  That gives […]

NFL 2012 Salary Cap to be announced Friday

Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the NFL will be announcing the 2012 Salary Cap sometime Friday. The cap is expected to be around $120 million just like last season.

The final cap figure will be very similar to last season’s cap of around $120 million. Once the new cap number is known, teams then will […]

Report: Cap number could be lower than 2011, Steelers still over

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the NFL Salary cap could be lower then it was in 2011.  Earlier this offseason it was expected to be between 120-125 million next season.  There is a possibility with the shortened league season and the revenue lost during the lockout that it could drop under 120 million.  If […]

Steelers over 29 million in cap savings with Roethlisberger restructure

With the restructure of Ben Roethlisberger being just over $8 million the Steelers have now surpassed the $29 million mark in cap savings.  The Steelers were estimated to be around $22 million over the cap at the start of the offseason.  The cap numbers will not be released until at the earliest this weekend.  The […]

Will the Steelers choose Mike Wallace and the future or the past?

It has become blatantly apparent that Mike Wallace either has to get the franchise tag or sign a new contract before the start of free agency or there is a damn good possibility he will be in another uniform next season.  It did not matter which channel I turned on or which site I […]

Steelers potentially mortgaging the future to keep aging team intact

The Steelers are working their way through restructuring contracts to get the team under the salary cap.  I said last week that the team needed to start to trim the fat.  There are guys on this team who could easily get us under the salary cap that the team seems to be trying to hold […]

Rashard Mendenhall could be a cap casualty

With the Steelers still struggling to find cap room Rashard Mendenhall could be on the chopping block.  Mendenhall injured his ACL in week 17 against Cleveland.  He is expected to be put on the PUP list to start the season.  GM Kevin Colbert does not expect Mendenhall back at full strength for a year.  That […]

Roethlisberger and Harrison willing to restructure contracts

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review is reporting that Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison are willing to restructure their contracts to help the team out.  Roethlisberger and Harrison are two of the highest paid players on the team.  It would help the Steelers if these two guys restructured but there are some things to think about […]

New CBA gives the Steelers an extra $506k in Salary Cap space

The new CBA for the NFL has a provision in it that teams that do not spend up to the salary cap can transfer over money to the following years salary cap.  The Steelers who spent the most money in the league this year salary wise get to add an extra $506k to their 2012 […]

Report: Hines Ward not willing to take less the $2 million in salary

While Hines Ward is out on facebook trying to proclaim his love for the Steelers and how he is willing to do anything to stay.  Mark Kaboly is reporting on twitter that Ward is only willing to take a $2 million dollar pay cut.   That would drop his salary from $4 to $2 million […]

Steelers 2012 Salary Cap Updates

The Steelers were around $25 million over the cap for 2012.  They have made some moves since then.  Here is a list of the latest player moves.

Cuts and Restructures and Cap Savings:

Hines Ward- $3.39 Million (still needs to be confirmed) LaMarr Woodley- $6,56 Million Lawence Timmons- $5.14 Million Ike Taylor- $3.28 Million Bryant […]

Lawrence Timmons also restructures contract to help Steelers

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that Lawrence Timmons has also restructured his deal to help the Steelers with salary cap space.  Timmons joins Woodley as the first 2 Steelers to make a move to help the team out.  The numbers for Timmons deal have yet to be released.  When they are we will get […]