PITT Applies to Join ACC

The Pittsburgh Panthers have applied to join the ACC.  The team wants to leave the Big East and head to a conference that is more respected around the nation.  No one shows the Big East any love and the move could be good for the Panthers in football.

This just shows you how important football […]

What if the CBA is Not Signed: 2011 Draft

The CBA is set to expire in early March but the last thing that is scheduled on the NFL Calendar is the 2011 NFL Draft.  After that with no CBA there is no league.  This puts many college athletes into a predicament.

The deadline for college juniors and redshirt sophomores to declare for the NFL […]

Pouncey Denies Claim

Per PFT, Steelers’ rookie center Maurkice Pouncey denied a claim stating that he received a $100,000 payment from an agent between the SEC Title Game and The Sugar Bowl.

Pouncey called the claims “absolutely ridiculous” and he answered all questions that he has been asked by the NCAA and Florida Officials.  He also went as […]

Pouncey Being Investigated by NCAA

Maurkice Pouncey, the Steelers 1st round draft pick, is being investigated by the NCAA and the Florida Gators according to ESPN.  He allegedly took $100k from an agent between the SEC Championship and the Sugar Bowl.   If this is found to be true, Pouncey could be ruled ineligible, and the Gators could be forced to […]