Steelers pulling the plug on Wallace contract talks?

Ed Bouchette reported today that Mike Wallace would not be reporting to camp on time.  He is now also reporting that the Steelers may be planning to cut off talks with Wallace.  This is a sign of bad news.  It seemed as if sides were getting better and it was expected that Wallace would sign […]

The deadline has passed so Mike Wallace is officially a Steeler unless traded

Kevin Colbert and the Steelers took a big risk putting a first round tender on Mike Wallace.  Any team could have signed him to an offer sheet that the Steelers could not match.  All they had to do was front load the deal.  The Steelers knew that and took the chance anyways.

As of […]

Report: Mike Wallace is refusing to sign his RFA Tender

Adam Schefter reported on NFL Live this afternoon that Mike Wallace will not be signing his RFA Tender.  Wallace will skip all of the offseason programs.  He plans to hold out until he gets a long term deal.  That is the only deal he plans on signing.

Wallace had reported interest in getting a Larry […]

Madden 13 Cover will not have a Steeler on it

The Madden Cover Vote is taking place and the representative from the Steelers is Troy Polamalu.  He went up in the first round against Larry Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald won the round and is headed into the field of 16.  Polamalu only received 28% of the vote.  The Steelers will not be represented on the Madden 13 […]

Rooney and the Steelers still plan to sign Wallace long term

Even after the report that Mike Wallace was looking for a mega deal the Steelers still have real interest in keeping him long term.  This is no surprise as Mr. Rooney has called signing Wallace a priority since the offseason started.  Rooney wants Wallace to stay and that is his number one goal for the […]

Mike Wallace looking for Larry Fitzgerald Money???

After hearing of Mike Wallace being tendered at a first round level there was speculation that the Steelers could lose him.  We have not heard much about any moves for Mike Wallace though this offseason.  We may have just gotten the reason why.  Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee is reporting that the 49ers had […]

Antonio Brown Makes the Pro Bowl Fun to Watch

The AFC won the Pro Bowl 59-41 yesterday.  The game looked like it was going to be a boring snooze from minute one.  There were boos on the first running play from the NFC because no one blocked and no one tackled.  Then Larry Fitzgerald scored 2 touchdowns with no one even attempting to guard […]

Keys to Victory: Steelers at Cardinals

As stated earlier in the week I think this is the biggest game of the year for the Steelers.  It could save them for being over .500 at the bye or it could send them into a downward spiral the next couple of weeks.  Here is how the Steelers can get it done today.



Steelers Better Know an Opponent: Arizona Cardinals

Basic Intel

Nickname: Cardinals Location: Glendale, AZ Division: NFC West

Record and Rankings

Record: 1-4 Home Record: 1-1 Road Record: 0-3 Division Record: 0-1 Conference Record: 1-4 Head – to- Head (since 2001): 1-2

Points per game: 19.2 Points against per game: 24.2 Rushing Yards: 103 (21st Overall) Passing Yards: 237.2 (16th Overall) Opponent Passing […]

Key Match Ups: Steelers at Cardinals

When the Steelers face off against the Cardinals this weekend it will look like a family reunion.  The Cardinals are littered with former Steelers and also carry many former AFC North foes.  The coaching staff is also primarily made up of former Steelers coaches.  It will bring back many memories for a lot of these […]

Pittsburgh Steelers Season Predictions

The preseason is over and it is time to concentrate on Baltimore.  The game is now 8 days away and I wish it could come faster.  The Steelers finished the preseason 3-1 which does not mean much but they did play well versus two of the top teams in the NFC when the starters were […]

Former Pitt Players Provide Insight To Future NFL Brethren

Pitt’s number one draft prospect Jonathan Baldwin has acquired some great advice from former Pitt Football stars while preparing for the NFL Draft.

Baldwin is working out with New York Jets All-Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis and Arizona Cardinals All-Pro Receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  These are two of the best guys to get information from.  Revis is […]