Can LaMarr Woodley put together a full season?

LaMarr Woodley has been an outstanding player for the Steelers.  Since he has come into the league he has been a great pass rusher.  He has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with when the defense steps on the field.  The real question though is can Woodley put together a full […]

Steelers Round Up: Batman, Middle School photos and Manning Welcome Back Party

We are only a few days away from training camp!!!!!!!  So exciting!!!!  I can’t believe the season is right around the corner.  All the guys are gearing up and it’s great to see.  Myself and The Show will be making a trip to training camp this year on August 2nd so keep your eyes out […]

Steelers Round Up: Hip Hop, weird poses and mentors

That’s right the round up is back!  It feels good to have to time to do this again.  I know I’ve missed so much since my last round up!  So, let’s dive right in.

James Harrison hasn’t changed one bit since my one.  The NFL has all kinds of crazy things going on now with […]

People Underestimate Ziggy Hood’s Importance in the Steelers Defense

Steelers Defensive End takes a lot of heat for his performance in the Steelers defense.  He gets compared to Aaron Smith and no one likes the fact that he does not put up the numbers that Smith put up.  Hood is not Smith and nor will he ever be.  Smith was the perfect 5 […]

Would there be a Revis Island if the Jets had not traded ahead of the Steelers?

Back in 2007 heading up to the NFL Draft I had an obsession with 3 players on defense.  I thought there were 3 game changing guys in that draft.  Those three players were Patrick Willis, LaMarr Woodley and Darrelle Revis.  The rest of the draft was solid but these three guys were going to […]

LaMarr Woodley Named NFL’s 63rd Best Player

The NFL Top 100 countdown was down to the top 61-70 this week.  There had been no Steelers on the list up until this point.  The first Steeler showed up at number 63.  Steelers OLB LaMarr Woodley was selected to be on the list.  He is more then deserving.

Woodley came in at number […]

Who steps up to be the Steelers leader?

The Steelers will be releasing Hines Ward, James Farrior and Aaron Smith soon.  Farrior and Ward are the teams captains.  They have been for years.  Both were the unquestioned leaders of this team.  All on the team have followed them and would do anything for them.  The team also has not signed Max Starks and […]

Steelers potentially mortgaging the future to keep aging team intact

The Steelers are working their way through restructuring contracts to get the team under the salary cap.  I said last week that the team needed to start to trim the fat.  There are guys on this team who could easily get us under the salary cap that the team seems to be trying to hold […]

The Steelers need to upgrade the pass rush

The Steelers had the number 1 defense in the NFL last season.  They gave up the least amount of total yards and points in the NFL last season.  They used their bend but do not break style to help them get victories and it got them a 12-4 record and a trip to the playoffs […]

Steelers 2012 Salary Cap Updates

The Steelers were around $25 million over the cap for 2012.  They have made some moves since then.  Here is a list of the latest player moves.

Cuts and Restructures and Cap Savings:

Hines Ward- $3.39 Million (still needs to be confirmed) LaMarr Woodley- $6,56 Million Lawence Timmons- $5.14 Million Ike Taylor- $3.28 Million Bryant […]

Lawrence Timmons also restructures contract to help Steelers

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that Lawrence Timmons has also restructured his deal to help the Steelers with salary cap space.  Timmons joins Woodley as the first 2 Steelers to make a move to help the team out.  The numbers for Timmons deal have yet to be released.  When they are we will get […]

Steelers release four including Bryant McFadden and Arnaz Battle

The Steelers have started to make some of their offseason moves.  They released four players today to help them get under the salary cap.  The four released were Bryant McFadden, Arnaz Battle, Miguel Chavis, and Erik Clanton.  The move will save the Steelers around $3.5 million in cap space next season.

McFadden alone saves […]

LaMarr Woodley restructures contract and saves Steelers $6.56 Million in cap space

It has begun.  The first Steelers restructure announcement from that LaMarr Woodley has restructured his deal to save the Steelers some cap space.  Woodley took his base salary down to $700,000.  That takes the remaining $2.7 Million in base salary and his $5.5 million dollar roster bonus into a prorated signing bonus.  Woodley is […]

Ziggy Hood Moving to Nose Tackle?

In Ed Bouchette’s Steelers Chat the question was brought up and Ed seemed to think it was a possibility.  It was later asked how much weight Ziggy would have to gain if he moved to Nose Tackle. Ed projected around 10 lbs.  That would bring Ziggy to around the 310-315 lb range.  He could easily do […]

Steelers Round Up: Friday the 13th, Sushi and Hockey

It’s been a sad week with the season ending.   So, with the changing of the season, so is the changing of the Round Up.  Usually done on Wednesday will now be something to look forward to on Fridays.  I’m going to try and keep this as upbeat as possible!

LaMarr Woodley was feeling pretty good […]