Kevin Colbert says Wallace will not be traded

Rumors have been flying from all around of whether or not Mike Wallace would be traded.  Since the signing of Antonio Brown the other day there was a question as to whether or not Wallace would be with the Steelers this upcoming season.  Well it seems as if that question has been answered.  Kevin Colbert […]

Steelers post draft press conference

Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert had their post draft press conference last night.  They seem very happy about how things played out.  Colbert said the Steelers plan to reach out and grab about 10 or so guys as UDFA.  I will have that list out when it becomes official.  Here is the press conference.



Kevin Colbert calls DeCastro Pick a ‘No brainer’

Kevin Colbert said in the Steelers pre draft press conference that there were 7-10 surefire picks in this draft.  At pick 24 the Steelers got one of those guys.  Colbert said he was one of those few special players that the Steelers thought could be great.  He was a possible candidate for a trade up by […]

Steelers Pre Draft Press Conference: Only 7-10 surefire picks in 2012 NFL Draft

The Steelers had their pre draft press conference today.  Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin talked about the plans for the draft.  They did state that it is not the strongest draft as they are only looking at a pool of 150 prospects.  They expected teams to go in their own direction earlier then usual because […]

The deadline has passed so Mike Wallace is officially a Steeler unless traded

Kevin Colbert and the Steelers took a big risk putting a first round tender on Mike Wallace.  Any team could have signed him to an offer sheet that the Steelers could not match.  All they had to do was front load the deal.  The Steelers knew that and took the chance anyways.

As of […]

Kevin Colbert nixes the idea of Steelers released veterans returning

Kevin Colbert did a press conference down in Florida while at the NFL meetings.  He gave us a good bit of information during the press conference.  The biggest thing that came out of it is that the Steelers do not plan on having any of the released veterans return to the team.  Colbert has basically […]

Colbert and Tomlin attend Michigan State Pro Day showing interest in Trent Robinson and Kirk Cousins

Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert are making the rounds this year.  The attended Michigan State’s Pro Day today.  You never hear of them attending this many pro days.  History on Tomlin shows that if he shows up he has real interest.  Maybe he is trying to change that perception by attending more pro days this […]

Steelers attend Miami Pro Day in full force

The Steelers came to the Miami Pro day in full force.  They sent 7 representatives to The U yesterday to see what Miami had to offer for the NFL Draft.  The Steelers were the most well represented at the Pro Day.  Head Coach Mike Tomlin and GM Kevin Colbert were both in attendance.

This […]

Kevin Colbert attends Alabama Pro Day

Alabama had their Pro Day today.  It was the first of two pro days for the Crimson Tide.  They will be having another for injured running back Trent Richardson, linebacker Courtney Upshaw and injured safety Mark Barron.  In attendance at that Pro Day today was Steelers GM Kevin Colbert.  There were many high ranking players […]

Casey Hampton will return to Steelers in 2012

Steelers NT Casey Hampton is expected to start the year on the PUP List but will be on the team in 2012.  Hampton will still be recovering from an ACL Tear that he has had surgery on this offseason.  Hampton is due to count over $8 million against the Steelers salary cap this year.

Hampton […]

Kevin Colbert wants Mike Wallace to “finish career as a Steeler”

Kevin Colbert is working towards keeping Mike Wallace in a Steelers uniform now and forever.  Colbert is still waiting to see what the actual salary cap is going to be before he knows what he can do with Wallace.  Colbert thinks Wallace wants to be a Steeler as well and thinks that will make it […]

Steelers Round Up: Subway rides, re-tooling and the president

Are offseasons always as exciting as this one has been for the Steelers?  I can’t remember one with this much stuff going on within the organization.  All the guys have been keeping busy too.

Charlie Batch has been a busy guy.  But he took some time out to check out a Penguins game on Wednesday […]

Rashard Mendenhall could be a cap casualty

With the Steelers still struggling to find cap room Rashard Mendenhall could be on the chopping block.  Mendenhall injured his ACL in week 17 against Cleveland.  He is expected to be put on the PUP list to start the season.  GM Kevin Colbert does not expect Mendenhall back at full strength for a year.  That […]

Steelers thinking about putting the Franchise Tag on Mike Wallace

The Steelers are thinking about potentially putting the Franchise Tag on Mike Wallace   according to Kevin Colbert, even though he is not an unrestricted free agent.  Wallace is still a restricted free agent for the Steelers and will be given the highest tender if the Steelers feel they can go that route.  The fear is […]

Former Steelers Coach Bill Cowher Wants San Diego Job

Rumor has been spreading rapidly that Norv Turner is out of a job this year unless the Chargers get to  the Super Bowl.   There is a guy in the booth who wants the job.  That would be former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

Cowher has been waiting for the right oppurtunity to come back.  He has […]