Troy Polamalu Ripped Off of a Sack Stat

Steelers Safety Troy Polamlau made another one of his amazing timing plays against the Cleveland Browns.  Polamalu timed the snap perfectly and broke through the Browns offensive line before they even got out of their stances.  He grabbed Seneca Wallace and dragged him to the ground for the loss.

The NFL is giving Polamalu […]

Hampton talks about the Ravens

In today’s Post-Gazette it has already begun, Casey Hampton is the one doing the talking now.

“They talk a whole lot,” Hampton said. “They don’t like us. I think they don’t like us a lot more than we don’t like them. I think they have to talk themselves into it, kind of, know what I […]

Suggs responds to Woodley’s comments about Flacco

Still a little over 11 weeks away from week one of the season, if there is a season and there has already been so much smack talk between the rivals.  Granted LaMarr Woodley started it with his comments about Flacco but it continues to snow ball.   Yesterday on a Baltimore radio station Terrell Suggs had […]

Flacco responds to Woodley’s comments

A couple weeks ago LaMarr Woodley was on the NFL Network and was asked whether or not Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco would ever lead his team to a Super Bowl.  His reply was priceless and what every Steeler fan wants to hear:

“No, not at all because they have to go through one […]

Steelers Round Up: Cornflakes and Big Butts

So many great things in this week’s round up!    After a great win you definitely will have a lot of great quotes and videos.  It’s really nice to be in control of your own destiny at this point.  A playoff bye week would be great, it would help out so much with our very injured […]

Troy Polamalu named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Troy Polamalu got some good recognition from the league this week when they named him the AFC Defensive Player of the Week.  Polamalu had another great game that continued the string of games he has put together in the last couple of weeks to help lead the Steelers to victory.

Polamalu Stat Line

Tackles: […]

Keys to Victory: Steelers @ Ravens

In what will be one of the top 2 games of the weekend, the Steelers face off against the Ravens in a battle to claim the AFC North.  This is what they need to do to win this match up.


Keep Roethlisberger Upright– Short passes and running the ball will help keep Roethlisberger safe.  […]

Notes from Around the AFC North

After watching the games over the weekend I saw some surprises and some things that I think can help us out through the year.   There are some glaring things that can be addressed when going against everyone in the AFC North.  There are also some scary things that could hurt us.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns […]

I’m Sorry-How Many Elite QBs in the AFC North?

Last week I was reading the AFC North Blog on ESPN, like I do most mornings and came across this little blurb about how Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco are supposed to be two of the elite quarterbacks this year in the AFC. The actual list was put together by John Clayton, who has probably […]

Polamalu Overrated? Um…No.”>httpv://

Pete Prisco wrote an article on the most overrated and underrated players on each team.

His choice for overrated player on our team was Troy Polamalu. Is this guy just stupid or does he not understand the game of football? His reasoning was he gets hurt. Great reasoning you idiot.

Polamalu only played in 5 […]