Would there be a Revis Island if the Jets had not traded ahead of the Steelers?

Back in 2007 heading up to the NFL Draft I had an obsession with 3 players on defense.  I thought there were 3 game changing guys in that draft.  Those three players were Patrick Willis, LaMarr Woodley and Darrelle Revis.  The rest of the draft was solid but these three guys were going to […]

Was Steelers Ike Taylor Snubbed From the Pro Bowl?

There are a lot of people going wild right now about Ike Taylor being snubbed from the Pro Bowl.  I am not sure if I agree.  Yes he had a great season.  He played good ball but I would say he was only snubbed as not being named an alternate.  That is ridiculous.

The reason […]

James Harrison Named 21st on NFL Top 100

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison was named the 21st overall player on the NFL Top 100 list.  That is a great honor to be given to you by your peers.  Harrison is very deserving of the honor and I think he landed just about in the right spot.  With the guys that are left on the […]

LaMarr Woodley Makes NFL Current Top 100

On a list voted by his peers, LaMarr Woodley has been named the 82nd best player in the NFL.  Woodley has been a great asset for the Steelers.  He is an outstanding Outside Linebacker who can do it all.  He can rush the passer, cover the pass and stop the run.  He is a very […]

Former Pitt Players Provide Insight To Future NFL Brethren

Pitt’s number one draft prospect Jonathan Baldwin has acquired some great advice from former Pitt Football stars while preparing for the NFL Draft.

Baldwin is working out with New York Jets All-Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis and Arizona Cardinals All-Pro Receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  These are two of the best guys to get information from.  Revis is […]

Key Match Ups: Jets @ Steelers

The Steelers take on the Jets this week at Heinz Field.  It is a big week for both teams.  The Jets will be fighting to keep their playoff hopes in tact after a rough couple of weeks and with the win the Steelers will take another step towards winning the division with two games left.  […]

Woodley was Quiet About his Contract…Until Now

There has been a lot of players this year that have outplayed their current contracts and want more money than they are set to make in the 2010 season.  A few big names such as Chris Johnson, Darrelle Revis and Lamarr Woodley comprise this list.   While Chris Johnson has recently agreed to a new […]