Marcus Gilbert is Permanently the Steelers Right Tackle

Coach Tomlin let out a little nugget today in his press conference.  When the Steelers play the Browns this week Tomlin was talking about his biggest match ups in the game.  One he brought up specifically was Marcus Gilbert vs. Jabaal Sheard.  While speaking of the match up Tomlin made note of Gilbert being […]

Carter, Hoke and Battle Ruled Out for Thursday

In Coach Tomlin’s press conference today he let everyone know that the guys out with injuries last week will all be out this week minus Larry Foote.  That leaves Chris Carter, Arnaz Battle and Chris Hoke on the sidelines.  They missed last weeks game and now will miss this weeks game.  That leaves 4 more […]

10 Observations for Bengals vs. Steelers

The Steelers put it to the Bengals today for the 35-7 win.  They made a statement today.  It gives the Steelers a 9-3 record with 4 games left.  They get Cleveland twice along with the Rams and 49ers.  They should win at least 3 of those 4 games if not all 4.  After today’s great […]

Coach Tomlin Optomistic About LaMarr Woodley’s Hamstring

Coach Tomlin gave an update on the injuries at his press conference today.  He is happy with the progress that LaMarr Woodley is making.  Tomlin stated that Woodley “appears to be moving toward game readiness.”

When Tomlin started his press conference Woodley was already in the building and working out.  Woodley is doing everything he […]