Brett Keisel arrives to training camp on a tractor

Keisel arrived at camp today.

Click the link under the main video for Players Move In, after you watch his interview.

Also, keep an eye out for April O’Neil and The Show at training camp next Thursday sporting their BB&G shirts. Photo from @MarkKaboly_Trib  on  Twitter.


Steelers Round Up: Hip Hop, weird poses and mentors

That’s right the round up is back!  It feels good to have to time to do this again.  I know I’ve missed so much since my last round up!  So, let’s dive right in.

James Harrison hasn’t changed one bit since my one.  The NFL has all kinds of crazy things going on now with […]

Harrison and Roethlisberger are in the top 30 of NFL’s top 100

Last night the NFL released number 21-30 on their top 100 of 2012 list, and two Steelers made that section of the list.  James Harrion came in at number 29 and Ben Roethlisberger came in at number 30.   This makes 5 Steelers that have made the list to date with still the top 20 players […]

Would there be a Revis Island if the Jets had not traded ahead of the Steelers?

Back in 2007 heading up to the NFL Draft I had an obsession with 3 players on defense.  I thought there were 3 game changing guys in that draft.  Those three players were Patrick Willis, LaMarr Woodley and Darrelle Revis.  The rest of the draft was solid but these three guys were going to […]

20 Potential Undrafted Free Agent Targets

The Steelers had a really good draft which I will recap tomorrow.  Tonight it is time to start reaching out to the undrafted free agents to see who else the Steelers can add to their team.  There are some good prospects left out there.  Here are my top 20 guys to take a good hard […]

2012 NFL Mock Draft with Trades

Now for the fun draft.  In this draft the Steelers do not end up with Dont’a Hightower.  That is the bad part.  The good part is that this draft is much more interesting.  There are 6 trades in the first round.  The Browns come away victorious.

Mock Draft:

Colts-Andrew Luck QB, Stanford Redskins- Robert Griffin […]

2012 NFL Mock Draft

It is time for the first of my two mock drafts.  In this first draft I will keep all teams in their current slots.  Tomorrow’s draft will be filled with trades.   I try to throw some curveballs in because there are always a few.  With that said here is the 2012 NFL Draft

Mock […]

Steelers new Nike uniforms unveiled

Nike’s version of the new uniforms were unveiled today.  Honestly I see very little change in the look to most of the uniforms.   But I haven’t seen a real close up version of the Steelers one yet.  It looks like the Seahawks had the biggest change, but most of the rest don’t look very different.  […]

Nike to unveil new NFL Uniforms at 11am Tuesday

Nike has taken over for Reebok as the NFL’s new uniform maker.  They will be unveiling their new product tomorrow at a press conference at 11 am eastern time.  Nike had the ability to do what they liked with the uniforms and fashion them to the teams.  The teams have final say though over what […]

Marcus Gilbert almost fully healthy from shoulder surgery

Steelers offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert has almost recovered fully from surgery.  Gilbert had surgery on his should after the season ended.  Gilbert tweeted that was almost back to full speed.  That is good to hear.  Gilbert still has plenty of time to recover but the fact that he is almost back is great news.


Steelers AFC North foes losing big free agents

The teams in the AFC North have taken a pretty good hit over the last two days.  Each team has lost a guy who helped them get to where they were last season.  The Ravens seem to be taking the biggest hit.  The Bengals are hurting on the defensive line and the Browns lost their […]

RGIII will not play in the AFC North

The Rams said they were going to trade the number 2 overall pick to the highest bidder and they appear to have done so.  The Washington Redskins have jumped in and given St. Louis their next 3 first round picks and a second round pick this year.  The Rams have just made their future […]

NFL 2012 Salary Cap to be announced Friday

Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the NFL will be announcing the 2012 Salary Cap sometime Friday. The cap is expected to be around $120 million just like last season.

The final cap figure will be very similar to last season’s cap of around $120 million. Once the new cap number is known, teams then will […]

Report: Cap number could be lower than 2011, Steelers still over

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the NFL Salary cap could be lower then it was in 2011.  Earlier this offseason it was expected to be between 120-125 million next season.  There is a possibility with the shortened league season and the revenue lost during the lockout that it could drop under 120 million.  If […]

NFL and the Giants to open the 2012 Season on a Wednesday night, Steelers a possibility to be the opponent

The NFL will kick off the season on Wednesday night this year.  They will avoid President Barrack Obama’s speech on thursday night.  The season will start off with the Super Bowl Champion Giants hosting the first game.  The Giants play a pretty nice schedule next season so most of the teams picked would make for […]