Better Know An Opponent: Butler

Matt Howard led Butler to a narrow victory in Round Two against Old Dominion, now what can he do against the Panthers?

Basic Intel

Nickname: Bulldogs Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Enrollment: 4,512 Conference: Horizon

Record and Rankings

Record: 24-9 (15-5) RPI: 34 Sagarin: 44 Pomeroy: 49

Team Report

Offensive focus: Shelvin […]

Better Know An Opponent: UNC-Asheville

Basic Intel

Junior guards Matt Dickey (left) and JP Primm are the key to the Bulldog offense. (AP Photo)

Nickname: Bulldogs Location: Asheville, North Carolina Enrollment: 3,609 Conference: Big South

Record and Rankings

Record: 20-13 (14-7) RPI: 147 Sagarin: 149 Pomeroy: 146

Team Report

Offensive focus: JP Primm – 24.7% possessions used Most efficient: […]

Mike Cruz Leaves the Pitt Team

Hot off of the presses as per, oh, five minutes ago via Chris Peak’s Twitter feed it has been reported that starting Panther tight end Mike Cruz has elected to leave the team after being suspended yesterday for a violation of team rules.  Todd Graham came in rattling his saber and threatening to increase team […]

Panther Prospectus: Southeast Regional log5 Projections”

Add this fine blog to the legions of sites out there running March Madness projections as our very own house statistician kicks things off with a breakdown of the Southeast regional and the Panthers’ chances of doing some serious damage this year in a bracket that is weak at the top but surprisingly tough at […]

Panthers Get 1 Seed in the Southeast Region

After a tense week of waiting to see where Pitt would be seeded after their early exit from New York City at the hands of the Connecticut Huskies, the Panthers’ wait finally came to an end this evening as it was revealed that they were given the #1 seed in the Southeast Regional and the […]

Players Union Decertifies, Antitrust Suit Looms

After a week’s worth of extra “negotiation” which involved every owner that wasn’t Art Rooney II, John Mara and Clark Hunt (in other words, the sane legacy owners) completely ignoring both the players and the NFLPA and lots of sniping back and forth between spokesmen for the owners and the NFLPA via Twitter the inevitable […]

Panther Postgame Prospectus

I understand the frustration around the city today, after all the Panthers just certainly missed a chance at a #1 seed and are now destined for the 2 line with Texas, Purdue, BYU and San Diego State while Notre Dame and Duke take what would have been Pitt’s if only they had won yesterday. While […]

The Garden

The only downside to the double bye, aside from the rust that comes from waiting to play while everyone else is into the rhythm of the games, is that it trims the maximum number of games that the Panthers can play in the Garden to a mere three games. That is really a shame because […]

Wanamaker and Gibbs Earn All-Big East Honors

Pitt stars Brad Wanamaker and Ashton Gibbs both earned All-Big East honors this morning as Gibbs was named to the All-Big East First Team and Wanamaker was named to the All-Big East Second Team.  The complete First Team included Ben Hansbrough from Notre Dame, Marshon Brooks from Providence, Kemba Walker from Connecticut, Austin Freeman from […]

Panther Postgame Prospectus

Just for continuity’s sake let’s cover the Villanova game quickly here before moving on to the meaty bits.

Key Indicators

Ortg: 109.1 Drtg: 90.9 eFG%: 45.1% FTR: 63.4 A/TO: 0.92 OR%: 45.8%

Typically I have a lot of respect for Jay Wright but I think that I may have lost […]

Panther Postgame Prospectus

Okay, I have no idea of what happened last night in the first half but I think that the people who are worried about this happening regularly in March probably should be filed under the Much-Ado-About-Nothing heading. Getting up for a team that you absolutely throttled once, even after a tough loss to a bunch […]

Fernando Diaz Directs Traffic, Gets Tased

It is fitting that on the same day that Sports Illustrated rolled out an entire piece detailing the Pitt football team’s criminal trouble that one of the repeat offenders under the Wannstedt regime decided to end up in the news again.  Former Panther Fernando Diaz, who was kicked off of the team/left the team in […]

Combine Recap – Panther Impressions

The Panther representation at the Combine was something of a mixed bag this year.  Some players tested well, though no one tested so phenomenally well that they became a must-draft player, some players did not perform terribly well at all and one former Panther somehow managed to both impress and disappoint at the same time. […]

Combine Recap – Defensive Line and Linebackers

This year’s draft is criminally loaded with exceptional defensive linemen and outside linebacker prospects, especially potential three techniques and 3-4 outside backers who would be of particular interest to the Steelers.  Amazingly, even picking at the tail end of the first round at pick 31, the Steelers find themselves likely to be in position to […]

Combine Recap – Offensive Line

If you listened to The Show on TribLIVE Radio with Ken Laird last week then you heard them discuss the trade-off with taking an offensive lineman in Round 1 of this year’s draft. On the one hand the offensive line is a position of serious need for the Steelers given the uncertainty surrounding Willie Colon’s […]