Mike Wallace on the trade block?

With the extension of Antonio Brown the Steelers will not give an extension to Mike Wallace according to Ed Bouchette.  The Steelers have grown tired of Wallace and have moved their interest to the team.  If Wallace is not going to receive an extension they could franchise him next season and keep him on the roster even if he does not want to be.  Bouchette also believes that will not happen.

That means Wallace plays this season and then becomes a free agent or he is up for the highest bidder.  I saw this coming months ago and thought the Steelers should have gotten rid of him around draft time.  I would rather have Wallace on the team and would love to keep him here but greed was always going to come into play.  Wallace asked for Fitzgerald money.  There are only 3 players at the WR position who deserve that money.  They are Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson.  Wallace needs to realize what he is really worth and get a deal done.

If he does not want to then it is time to trade him for all he is worth.  Get the best deal possible and move on.  Wallace is not going to play hard this year without the money.  He has shown that by his attitude.  He is the one holding up the negotiations not his agent.  This deal is not going to get done.  It is time to get what you can for him and start the 2013 season fresh.  The Steelers have won before with Hines Ward being the only name receiver on the team.  They played with Cedric Wilson and Antwan Randle El and still won a title.  The receivers they have now are better then that.

I do not know how this will play out but I just want what is best for the team.  Wallace would be the best option but the money is not for the salary cap.  We have replaced receivers before and moved on.  Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, Yancy Thigpen, you name and we have gotten past it.  I am not a Wallace hater but a Steeler fan.  I want what will help this team move forward.  Receivers can be replaced.  Get what you can and move forward.

Update:  Wallace turned down 5 years and $50 million.  If he isnt willing to take $10 million a year he is just greedy.  Let him walk.

  • Lekraus

    now that Brown has signed a contract Wallace will show us his real intentions.  if he shows up at camp then he deserves to have his contract extended maybe not for 10 mil a year but 5 a year.  he isn’t worth more than the Ravens Rice and that should be the contract he strives for.  if he wants more then i agree trade him or just play out the year.  if he signs at week 11 i would let him ride the pine and not play him for even one down.  so Wallace it’s put up or shut up time.

  • santiago arce

    Brown got the cash,he is a better team mate he is in camp,knowing his contract was up.He”s a winner Sanders time to shine this season with Crotchery and that young kid from Colo.they drafted they will be fine!Dont forget Rainey can fly as well.

  • Fhende1416

    How can Ed call this man wrong for trying to get a fair contract for him self.Wallace will still sign with steelers and he will get a little more than brown.

  • Max Starks

    They don’t have the cap space to sign him to a long term deal now that they signed Brown

  • Buccosfan0112

    Just what color id the sky in your world???

  • Kenb1

    wallace is a conceited jerk where was he ssecond halfof season plus he was dropping balls late also

  • AmericanVeteran1

    Trade him, get a good outside linebacker and a pick for him, he doesnt even deserve 10 mil a year, he was non existant the 2nd half of last year, see you later wallace take your stupidity and greed elsewhere, and by no one giving you any offers that ought to tell you somethiong you big headed fool.

  • Drbreeze2004

    Mike Wallace is a great receiver, but he is not in the class as Larry Fitzgerald or Megatron. However, if he can command the money, more power to him. The way that big buisnesses and major corporations act toward emloyees and rarely do not give a darn about the individual, then the individual should do what is best in his mind. Call him greedy and whatever negatives you would like, but Mr Wallace needs to take care of number one. I would like to see him back with the Steelers, but if they could get a quality player in return, then that might be in the best interest of the Steelers either by trade or a high draft pick. Negative on Plexico. Go STTEELERS, Stairway to Seven!!!.