Steelers Round Up: Batman, Middle School photos and Manning Welcome Back Party

We are only a few days away from training camp!!!!!!!  So exciting!!!!  I can’t believe the season is right around the corner.  All the guys are gearing up and it’s great to see.  Myself and The Show will be making a trip to training camp this year on August 2nd so keep your eyes out for shirts and come say hi!  I have some gems though in this week’s round up.  I’m very excited for it:

Im gonna be attending peyton manning’s welcome back party, and yall know i wouldnt be rude and 4get 2 bring a gift!!! how bout i bring this?? lol

  • Maurkice Pouncey is counting down the days until training camp on Twitter.  So, just in case you didn’t know, here’s where we were yesterday:
  • Ryan Clark is also getting ready.  All the tweets about training camp is just getting me even more excited!
  • Brett Keisel is glad to have Max Starks back on the field this year after he signed a one year deal earlier this week.

“It’ll be an honor to go out there and retire as a Steeler. Started there, end there. Thirteen years. I never thought I’d play that long when I first started…”

  • They had a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh on Tuesday and some of the Steelers attended that.  In honor of the movie opening today featuring Pittsburgh, some Steelers and former coach Bill Cowher, it seemed fitting to take a look at this news video from when they were filming.