Mike Adams still first in line to start at Left Tackle

With the return of Max Starks to the Steelers many are questioning who will be the starting Left Tackle.  It still looks though as if there will not be a question to who the starter is.  Starks basically answered that question for us in an interview with WDVE.  Starks plans to start the preseason on the PUP List.  He still wants to start and plans to compete but by the time he can practice it may be to late.

That means that Mike Adams is still first in line to start.  That is what he was drafted to do and that was what was expected from him.  As a second round pick at the position of left tackle you are expected to contribute to the team. 

The Steelers know what they are getting from Starks when he is healthy.  Starting him on the PUP list is better for this football team.  It gives Mike Adams more first team reps and gives him time to learn the offense.  He can gel with the guys around him each and every practice on each and every snap.  That is what he needs.  Repetition, repetition and more repetition.

With Adams having this oppurtunity to work with the first team he will be able to show what he has got.  He will be going up every day against 2 of the best pass rushers in the league.  Woodley and Harrison are not going to take it easy on him in practice.  The harder they go the more the team will know about Adams heading into the season.  If he can block those guys then he can handle an NFL pass rush.  There are not to many guys better then those two.

I love the idea of having Starks back on this team for insurance but I have full confidence in Adams.  With the Steelers coaching and some discipline this kid has all the makings of a great left tackle.  He has the size and skill to succeed.  The only thing that can hold him back is himself.

  • Tellez5

    I love Max for all that he has done in the past and I believe he has lots to teach our new people. Hold your head high brother you are still an awesome guy.