Steelers would have taken Adams in Round 1?

The Steelers got a gift when David DeCastro fell to them at pick 24 in the 2012 NFL Draft.  DeCastro was a top 10 prospect but expected to fall into the teens because he is a guard.  Pass rushers and cornerbacks passed him up on draft day and DeCastro continued to slip.  The Steelers picked him up at #24 without hesitation.

What would have happened if DeCastro would have not been on the board?  For most of us we would have been screaming Dont’a Hightower all the way.  Many had Hightower as the Steelers pick heading into the draft.  He was pretty much the concensus pick. 

After seeing the Steelers reaction to Mike Adams I do not know if that would have been the case.  The Steelers were extremely high on Adams.  They had given him a first round grade.  They had already looked past his charecter issues and wanted him on this team.

The Steelers were more then happy to get Adams in round 2.  I think they may have also been more then happy to get Adams in round 1.  It might sound crazy but I think the Steelers would have taken Adams at 24 if DeCastro was not available.

Look at how they are treating him right now.  He is a second round pick who is expected to start at Left Tackle from day one.  The Steelers barely ever start rookies and they sure as hell do not start second round blind side protectors unless absolutely neccesary.  Yet Adams is basically being handed the job.

There is no real competition for him at that spot.  Jonathan Scott is garbage.  Trai Essex is a back up.  Marcus Gilbert is now solidly on the right side since Colon moved to guard.  This is Adams’ spot.  There is no one going to take it away from him.  He will have to blow it for him not to be the left tackle.

Since that is the case and Adams is getting the left tackle job and the Steelers believe he is the real deal then pick 24 does not seem to be a bad spot to grab a LT.  While we all may have wanted Hightower to come in and play linebacker and fill the gap left by Farrior we may have been questioning when the team took Adams.  They seem to love him though and that is what matters. 

We will never know since DeCastro was on the board.  It is something to wander about though.

  • Clashpoint

    I am kind of hoping Ramon Foster gets a shot at back-up tackle. Legursky has the guard and center back up spots over Foster, but Foster has got to be better than Scott. In my perfect world, Starks ends up the back up at both tackle spots come game day.