Marcus Gilbert to stay at Right Tackle and Mike Adams gets first shot at Left Tackle

Ed Bouchette is reporting that Marcus Gilbert will remain on the right side where he belongs.  That means rookie OT Mike Adams will be placed on the left side.  The Steelers told Willie Colon he was moving to left guard with full intentions of making Adams the Left Tackle.

This makes the most sense.  Gilbert is a better right tackle then he is a left.  Adams is built to play left tackle.  This team will be better for this.  They have all preseason and training camp to get ready to play together.  This group may spend more time on the field then usual in the preseason just to get some chemistry.

So your Steelers starting offensive line going into training camp is:

  • LT- Mike Adams
  • LG- Willie Colon
  • C- Maurkice Pouncey
  • RG- David DeCastro
  • RT- Marcus Gilbert
  • JarMar06

    It’s going to take some time to make this work….. or it may not work at all! What is plan “B”?

  • Ellwood

    That’s the kind of vision the Steelers need now! I can’t remember us ever having an LOT with a 1st round grade. Clearly, this still requires work, but the talent level of the OL is as high as I’ve ever seen it. Now they have to live up to their potential.

  • calisteelerfan

    It is going to be just fine, Even with Adams needing the reps to develop, it is a better line than they have had in years, even with the young players.  The proof wil be seeing if they can open up the running lanes.  It would be nice to see a legit play action threat with Wallace and Brown

  • Dch16686

    Plan b is Starks of course, just like he was plan C or D last year.. heh.. I think they are counting on jim not making another team and being there if they need him.