Maurkice Pouncey 100% recovered from ankle surgery

Steelers All Pro Center Maurkice Pouncey is fully healed from ankle surgery this offseason.  Pouncey struggled with the injuries to his ankle over the last two seasons.  The surgery should make it so the chance of another injury is much smaller.  Now that Pouncey is fully healed he will be able to participate in OTAs with the team this month.

With Pouncey fully healthy this offensive line will only get better.  Pouncey is the key to the offensive line.  He is the brains.  He makes all the calls and can really help these guys around him.  The addition of Pouncey in his rookie year made the offensive line so much better then it had been.  His presence and leadership made the line look much better than it was.

Pouncey could have two new teammates on the starting offensive line with him.  David DeCastro is almost assured to start.  OT Mike Adams could also fight for a starting job.  Pouncey can really influence the two of them and keep growing the offensive line.  The faster these guys get ready and can make an impact the better this line will be.

  • mwormack

    The last few years we basically had three injury prone second teamers as starters.  Then when they were hurt we had a very poor line.  Starting out with the o line appearing to be a strenght is one of the biggest things to be excited about this year.