Todd Haley already having an impact

The Steelers had a great draft this weekend.  They picked up two offensive linemen in the first two rounds.  Both guys could potentially start this season and if that is the case the Steelers will have truly upgraded their offensive line.

This is something the Steelers have neglected to do in the past.  They did draft Maurkice Pouncey in the first round 2 seasons ago but otherwise they have mostly neglected the offensive line over the past decade.  The Steelers played with undrafted free agents and late round picks.

The team did not show much interest in the offensive line saying they were good enough.  They made it to and won Super Bowls with them so they must be doing a good job.  We all know that was not the case.  Yet the team continued to move forward without really doing to much to improve.  They would just plug and play guys as needed.

Enter Todd Haley.  Haley had a press conference where he was to talk about Chris Rainey.  During the press conference he was asked about the offensive line.  Haley said that the Steelers “went through the process” but they did want to improve the offensive line.

Haley understands that you need a good offensive line to have a good offense.  He wanted the team to get better up front.  He wants the QB kept safe and holes made in the running game.  Here is my favorite comment about the offense.

“The better you are up front the more you dominate the line of scrimmage… When you win at the line of scrimmage good things happen for you offensively.”

Haley understands the importance where Bruce Arians did not.  Arians would rather talk about how if someone was taller they would be a Pro Bowler.  Then he would tell you how Willie Colon was an all world tackle.  He did not see the problems up front with the offensive line.  He would rather have run bubble screens to cover for them rather then try to improve the area.

So instead of improving up front Roethlisberger would get hit more.  Then he would get hurt.  After being hurt our playoff chances go downward.  The more healthy Roethlisberger is the better chance we have of making the Super Bowl.  I am glad someone finally noticed that.  Keep Ben on his feet and making plays.

I do not know if Haley needed to stand on the table to have the Steelers draft David DeCastro but it sounds like he would have if he needed to.  Haley gets it.  He knows if Roethlisberger has time to make plays then the sky is the limit for this offense.  The better the offensive line is the more time Ben has the better we are.

Some people may have not liked the Haley hiring but it already seems to be paying off.  Even if it is only in personnel decisions for his offense.  We will see how it pans out during the season but I would say he is off to a pretty good start.

  • Alan86

    Barry Richardson, Casey Weigmann, and Ryan Lilja say hi.

    Haley had Jared Gaither on his team but refused to use him. He may think the offensive line is important, but he values all of the wrong things. Can’t wait until you guys get the benefit of the Todd Haley Diet.