Steelers bring in First Round Prospect Stephen Hill for Pre Draft Visit

The Steelers are bringing in first round prospect WR Stephen Hill today.  Hill is a match up nightmare for defenses.  He is 6’4, 214 pounds with 4.3 speed.  He is a big receiver who runs like a little guy.

Hill is unpolished as a receiver coming out of college.  He played at Georgia Tech which does not run a true route tree in their offense.  He was more of a run past your guy and catch the bomb type of guy.  If he can be taught how to run routes correctly he could be very dangerous.  It is hard to cover a speed guy and it is hard to cover a large receiver.  The combination of both could make him a very big threat to defenses.

If Hill is drafted the Steelers may have already made the Mike Wallace decision.  They will not need both guys.  Hill can do what Wallace is doing right now in this offense.  Wallace is not the best route runner but he takes the top off of the defense.  Teams have to shift to him to keep from getting beat deep.  Hill can be that guy right now.

They will also be meeting with Cal OT Mitchell Schwartz.  Schwartz is a big boy.  He was not highly rated during the season but as moved up a bit in the draft process.  He is 6’5 and 318 pounds and knows how to use his size to his advantage.  Schwartz will be a right tackle or a guard at the next level but has played some on the left side.

  • Zippyroo99

    would not be surprised to see wallace go on draft day or sooner!