Report: Mike Wallace is refusing to sign his RFA Tender

Adam Schefter reported on NFL Live this afternoon that Mike Wallace will not be signing his RFA Tender.  Wallace will skip all of the offseason programs.  He plans to hold out until he gets a long term deal.  That is the only deal he plans on signing.

Wallace had reported interest in getting a Larry Fitzgerald type deal.  Many thought that it was to see if he could get more than he was worth and if someone would pay it.  If no one would pay it then he would come back to the Steelers.  Since Wallace and the Steelers can not come to a common ground on the contract that makes me think that Wallace really wants that type of deal.  That is something he will never get in Pittsburgh.

Even with Wallace holding out it will not last long.  He can not afford to miss an entire season.  He is a speed guy.  Speed does not last forever.  He will not want to chance losing the money he could get.  He also will not want to lose the money that will be coming out of his pocket with every fine he has to pay while he holds out.

Not a big surprise either that the day this news comes out is the day that Jerricho Cotchery signs back with the Steelers.

  • Robhenderson

    Tell him he can go seek a trade.

  • Ron

    I personally am tired of players thinking they are all that and want more money. Yes he is good. But what ever happened to players wanting to just play football for a awesome franchise and enjoy the game. Why does it have to be a job and about money. Most players are way over paid to play a game. I liked you a lot more, Mike Wallace, before you did this. As good as you are I am not so sure I want you on the Steelers at this point. Very disappointed.

  • Any body want to bet that this BAD advice came from his agent? who is probably angry that there was no interest from any other teams??

  • Mal4Jones

    I like you Mike Wallace, but this is the STEELERS and you will not be getting Larry Fitzgerald money from this Organization. Let’s trade him if he doesn’t want to sign?

  • The Steelers are bigger than any 1 player… Hey Antonio Brown, Good luck this season!

  • Partneringforprogress

    Wallace needs a reality check!

  • Rovinrosie

    Yeah, you’re great, but do you or your agent know nothing about this franchise????  Threatening the Rooneys is NOT a good plan.  Plan to have a super year by participating in all preseason workouts and THEN sign the big contract, here or elsewhere. 

  • Get over it Wallace, you may be good but not that good. Besides the Steelers are a class organization, they work together as a team, you need to learn from Hinez Ward, now their is a classy guy.