Mike Wallace looking for Larry Fitzgerald Money???

After hearing of Mike Wallace being tendered at a first round level there was speculation that the Steelers could lose him.  We have not heard much about any moves for Mike Wallace though this offseason.  We may have just gotten the reason why.  Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee is reporting that the 49ers had interest in Wallace until they found out the price. 

Wallace was apparently looking for a Larry Fitzgerald type of deal.  If that is the case he is looking for something in the range of 8 years and $120 million.  That is insane.  Wallace may be a great deep threat because of his speed but he is not Fitz.  Until he learns to turn his hands over and go after the ball he never has a chance to be Fitz either.

If this is true it is both good and bad for the Steelers.  Good that no one in their right mind would sign Wallace for that kind of money.  Bad that we will also never pay him that kind of money.  He will be gone after next season unless we franchise him.  We will not be putting up those kind of dollars.  I thought I was a little high when I suggested 5 years and $58 million but I guess I was low.

I can not believe this is what Wallace is really thinking.  In the back of my mind I feared he would leave for a nickel more but I guess he wants more than a nickel.  This is outrageous.  If Wallace is asking for this then he is more then greedy.  It is one thing to go get paid it is another to pretend you are on Fitz and Calvin Johnson’s planet.

We should have Wallace for another year as no one is going to pay that much.  Should we keep him though?  If no one picks him up and he leaves next season the most we will get is a third round compensatory pick.  Wallace is worth more then that. 

If the Steelers do not plan to franchise Wallace next season they should look into trading him for all they can get right now.  If Brandon Marshall was worth two second round picks 2 years ago Wallace should at least command the same type of trade.  We should at least toss the bait out there and see if anyone bites.

I think Wallace is a great receiver but there is no way he is getting this kind of money. 


  • mommamia03

    This mand does not bleed black and gold- he bleeds green.  Get rid of him!!

  • Jb

    First – if there was a team willing to pay Wallace that kind of money (Steelers or otherwise) – there is no harm in him asking and receiving that amount. Believe it fellow Steelers fans “most” of the past Pittsburgh players would have taken the money over the team, if given the chance. You fans would also take the cash; if you were an NFL caliber player… stop the self-righteous indignation.

    Now, having said that, it is obvious that Mike Wallace is delusional! And, I must agree with the article, that it is time to look into the possibility of Wallace’s trade value. Although, another team would need to give up some decent draft choices, and also need to cough up a fairly large sum of cash. That may be too much of a price for another team to swallow. 

    Lastly, I have heard several times in past news stories that MW is a decent guy and that he has a pretty good work ethic. Ben was just expressing recently how Wallace is a good team-mate. Yet, when I would watch Wallace especially on the sidelines I often have come to the thought that he’s more showman, than the “fight to the last man standing” football player. You know Hines could be a show-off at times, but he (more often than not) seemed to play at a higher level when times in the game were crucial. I think it’s becoming more and more apparent that Mike doesn’t have that same motivation driving him.

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