Casey Hampton will return to Steelers in 2012

Steelers NT Casey Hampton is expected to start the year on the PUP List but will be on the team in 2012.  Hampton will still be recovering from an ACL Tear that he has had surgery on this offseason.  Hampton is due to count over $8 million against the Steelers salary cap this year.

Hampton is not expected to miss as much time as Rashard Mendenhall.  He is not in a position that requires a lot of lateral movement and quick twitch skill.  He is a nose tackle and can play the position the same way he always has.  It will not have as big of an affect on his game.   Kevin Colbert does not seemed to worried about it either.

“It’s a different position, obviously. You don’t have to worry about speed, you don’t have to worry about quick change of direction when you’re talking about offensive or defensive linemen. And the one edge Casey will have on anybody is that he’s been through this twice. He knows what to expect. He knows how to do this. He knows how much work he has to do and he knows how he feels.”

The Steelers still need to look into getting a few dollars back from Hampton to help get them under the cap.  If he has to miss at least 6 games the Steelers should try to talk him into giving some of that money back.  If not the team will have to continue to cut more guys because of Hampton’s high number.