Sidney Crosby Update

Sidney Crosby and General Manager Ray Shero met with the media for about 15 minutes today to give a brief update on Crosby’s health.  Honestly I’m more confused now than I was earlier today.  Over the last couple days there have been reports that Crosby had fractures in his C1-c2 vertebrae.   But today after some other independent doctors met they came to a different conclusion that he is suffering a soft-tissue injury.  The Penguins released this statement before the press conference.

This seems like a good thing to me, they actually have something to treat rather than just the abstract head injury.  But again, there is still no definite outcome or timetable for his return.  But here are the more important points to take away from the press conference that you can watch here or below:

  • Crosby is not upset with the team medical staff for missing this part of his injury and everyone has been really supportive.
  • Nobody has told Crosby to sit out for the season or retire, so for the umpteenth time Crosby isn’t retiring.
  • Sidney Crosby is not a doctor.
  • Shero apologized for not always updating the media, but saying that most of the time that is because they don’t know anything to be able to give an update.
  • Sidney Crosby had on a really nice gray pinstriped suit with light purple shirt and dark purple tie.  Sharp.
  • Crosby is working hard to come back and will continue to do everything he can.