Steelers Round Up: Bridesmaids, Anesthesia and Aloha

Excuse my lack of Round up last week.  I know you missed it.  With a bunch of the guys going to the Pro Bowl there was a lot happening this week, so lots to report.  A good way to end the work week:

  • I love the below picture James Harrison posted to Facebook today.  And I don’t care what anyone says, Antonio Brown has THE BEST SMILE EVER!  I love it!

The big roar went to the still-bearded Keisel, who was sitting midcourt, front row, with Steelers teammate Casey Hampton. During a timeout midway through the second half, he took a T-shirt that the two had autographed, walked to center court and played both sides of the arena against each other, pretending as if he would throw it to the loudest fans. In the end, he picked a spot in the Oakland Zoo and let loose with a toss that would have made quarterback Ben Roethlisberger proud.

  • It will be a sad, sad day when none of these guys are in Black & Gold anymore.  Brett Keisel posted this picture to his Facebook after Chris Hoke announced his retirement yesterday.  It’s the best 3-4 Defensive Line in the game, Aaron Smith, Casey Hampton, Chris Hoke, Brett Keisel and Art Rooney II.


  • Doug Legursky had his surgery recently.  Anesthesia makes people say and do some weird things, apparently Doug Legursky and Chris Kemoeatu are not immune to such things.  And Legursky mentions it on his Facebook Page.  You have to wonder what they were talking about?

I was just informed of the hilarious stuff me and Kemoeatu were talking about -blacked out – post surgery.

Would y’all think I’m getting a little soft if I went and got a manicure and pedicure today? Lol

  • One of my favorite True Blood Were’s tweeted a picture of himself and Antonio Brown presenting at the NFL Pulse Awards.

Presenting with @AntonioBrown84 at last night’s NFLPA Pulse Awards…

— Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) January 22, 2012

  • Ryan Clark easily nailed quote of the week this week in his interview about the Ravens.  Of course it was taken out of context and he actually was being sympathetic to the Ravens but it was great and true nonetheless:

“I know it seems like for the Ravens right now always the bridesmaid and never a bride.”