Steelers 2012 Team Needs

The Steelers head into the offseason with a lot on their plate.  They are way over the cap.  Mike Wallace is a restricted free agent.  The team has 11 unrestricted free agents.  The team is aging and some big stars could be leaving the team.  There is plenty to be ready for over the next few months as the Steelers may have to retool most of their roster.

There are some holes that will have to be filled with all that retooling.  This is the intro to a series on the Steelers Team Needs for 2012.  Five positions the team needs to sure up before they hit the field again next season.  Each one will be explained in depth.  It will go through the situation on the team.  Who we could be looking to grab in the draft to fill the role and what free agents might we be able to snag with the little money we may have.  Here are the team needs for the Steelers for 2012.

Team Needs:

  1. Nose Tackle
  2. Left Tackle
  3. Inside Linebacker
  4. Guard
  5. Cornerback

We started a poll to see what everyone thinks about what positions we need to fill.  Many of you agree that Nose Tackle is number 1 with the injury to Casey Hampton.  That is the priority right now but that could all change drastically once we find out who will and who will not be on the squad for salary cap reasons.  Since many of us agree it is Nose Tackle that is where we will start.