Sidney Crosby Update

Sidney Crosby and General Manager Ray Shero met with the media for about 15 minutes today to give a brief update on Crosby’s health.  Honestly I’m more confused now than I was earlier today.  Over the last couple days there have been reports that Crosby had fractures in his C1-c2 vertebrae.   But today after some […]

Todd Haley Interviewed with Tomlin on Tuesday

Todd Haley had his interview today.  He met with head coach Mike Tomlin.  This is the second outside interview for the Steelers.  Jim Caldwell interviewed earlier and made his way to Baltimore.  Haley would be a good replacement for Arians as the offensive coordinator.  The Steelers had still planned to interview Packers QB Coach Tom […]

Steelers 2012 Mock Draft Version 2: Senior Bowl

Time for the second running of my Steelers Mock Draft.  The Senior Bowl has past and more tape has been watched.  Many things have changed and more info is out on all the potential draftees.  Guys have made big names for themselves with their play in the Senior Bowl.  The board is constantly […]

Steelers Reach Out to Alex Van Pelt

The Steelers have started moving a little faster towards getting the offensive coaching staff put together.  Jason LaCanfora tweeted yesterday that the Steelers have reached out Alex Van Pelt.  The tweet suggests that it is for a QB Coach position but it does not specify.  Van Pelt is a former Pitt QB and has been […]

NHL Second Half Preview: What to expect from the Penguins

Now that I have my mostly unbiased NHL talk out of the way, I can dive into what we can expect from the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Things have improved on the injury front but several key pieces are still on the shelf for an extended period time.  Luckily Evgeni Malkin and company have come to the […]

Report: Steelers Plan to Interview Todd Haley and Tom Clements for Offensive Coordinator Position

The Steelers seem to be at 3 candidates right now for the open offensive coordinator position.  That could change tomorrow though.  They could stay in house with Randy Fichtner or they could go outside and look at Todd Haley and Tom Clements.  The Tibune Review is reporting the Steelers plan to interview these 3 guys. […]

Keith Butler to Stay with Steelers

The Steelers got their guy yesterday when Keith Butler decided to stay with the team.  Butler will remain the Linebackers Coach.  Butler was named the Defensive Coordinator in waiting a few seasons ago.  For him to turn down the Colts DC position means that he must have been given some major guarantee that it would […]

Ravens To Hire Jim Caldwell as QB Coach

The Baltimore Ravens have hired Jim Caldwell as their QB Coach.  This just days after Caldwell met with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.  Thank you to the Ravens.  I really wanted nothing to do with Caldwell.  I am glad he landed in Baltimore.

This still leaves the Steelers though with no one on the radar for […]

Possible Replacements at Linebacker Coach if Butler leaves

On the TribLive Radio this morning with all the Keith Butler to the Colts news they talked about possible replacements.  The name that came up first is Jerry Olsavsky’s.  Olsavsky’s is already on staff as a defensive assistant and is a former linebacker for the Steelers.  He already knows the team and the system.  He […]

Antonio Brown Makes the Pro Bowl Fun to Watch

The AFC won the Pro Bowl 59-41 yesterday.  The game looked like it was going to be a boring snooze from minute one.  There were boos on the first running play from the NFC because no one blocked and no one tackled.  Then Larry Fitzgerald scored 2 touchdowns with no one even attempting to guard […]

Sidney Crosby’s New Gatorade Commercial

This was posted to Gatorade Canada’s YouTube Channel late last week.  Pretty awesome commercial.


NHL First Half Review: Where do the Penguins Stand?

We have reached the All Star break in the NHL and thus far we have some pleasant surprises as well some head-scratchers in the first three months of the season.  I’m sure we are in store for more of each in the second half but I figured this would be a good time to break down […]

Keith Butler Giving Steelers A Chance. Time to Tell LeBeau to Retire.

The Post Gazette is reporting that the position for Butler to Colts is “not a done deal.”  If that is the case the Steelers need to tell Dick LeBeau to retire immediately.  I love Dick LeBeau but he is not going to be around for the next 10 years, Butler will be.

If Butler has […]

Colts To Send Steelers A Huge Blow by Naming Keith Butler Defensive Coordinator

It looks like Chuck Pagano really had some respect for the Steelers while he was in Baltimore.  He hired Bruce Arians to be his Offensive Coordinator.  Now he is about to hire Keith Butler the Steelers long time Linebackers Coach and Defensive Coordinator in waiting to the Colts as Defensive Coordinator.  This is a […]

5 Players Who Impressed In the Senior Bowl

The North won the Senior Bowl yesterday 23-13.  Even though the South was stacked the North came out and just played better.  The North won the game in the trenches and it showed on the scoreboard.  Here are the 5 guys who I think looked the best from the game.


Mike Adams- The big […]