Steelers James Harrison Suspended one game for hit on McCoy

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s twitter account the NFL has suspended Steelers linebacker for one game for this hit on Colt McCoy in last Thursday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. This hurts the Steelers who are playing Monday night against 49ers who are sitting in 2nd place in the NFC.  If LaMarr Woodley is unable to go on Monday due to his nagging hamstring issues we could be real thin at the linebacker position.

Update: Harrison is planning to appeal the suspension.  But Harrison cannot be at the Steelers facilities until the suspension is repealed or until December 20th.  Whatever comes first.


    The NFL is gettting ridiculas with these fines and suspensions. This is FOOTBALL NFL, FOOTBALL. The QB had tucked it away and started to run. What is a defensive player supposed to do?