PITT Applies to Join ACC

The Pittsburgh Panthers have applied to join the ACC.  The team wants to leave the Big East and head to a conference that is more respected around the nation.  No one shows the Big East any love and the move could be good for the Panthers in football.

This just shows you how important football is to all these schools.  It brings in the most money and will get the school the most attention.  Never in a million years if I was Pitt would I leave the Big East for basketball.  That is the best basketball conference in the nation.

The other team that reached out in the Big East was Syracuse.  Next season TCU joins the Big East.  The division added one big player but it apparently was not enough for these two teams.  With the Big 12 falling apart Oklahoma was also listed as a possibility for the Big East.

The NCAA should step in and create a real football league.  Four major conferences with 16 teams.  They need to do it by area of the country.  These teams are moving all over the place to areas where they are going to have to travel long distances.  The NCAA needs to finally do something smart and stop this before it gets out of control.  Four Major Conferences Pac 16, Big 16, SEC, ACC.  All other conferences become mid majors.  Get rid of the BCS in the process.  Now you can have a real playoff.  Make the 16 best teams from that part of the country join a conference or be left out.  Make some peace to this mess.