Sepulveda Returns to Dominate All

For fans of amazingness, it was a dreary sight last week when the Steelers picked up Rookie free agent, Aaron Bates.  Bates, a punter from Michigan State, joined Jeremy Kapinos in what appeared to be a crushing of dreams.  Kapinos took over punting duties last year after Daniel Sepulveda’s season was tragically cut short by a torn ACL.  It was the second ACL injuy of Sepulveda’s young career.  He missed all of the 2009 season with a tear in the same leg (right, his planting foot).  In fact, that brings Dan’s lifetime tally to 3 as he sustained his first ACL injury in college.  After three years and two season ending injuries, it was all but chiseled into the front door of the cathedral that Sepulveda, an unrestricted free agent, would not be rejoining the Steelers.  Meanwhile, the faithful were left wondering: “Why, God?  What atrocious sin have we committed to warrant this cruel fate?  Curse the day that we were stripped of the very soul that makes us whole!”

But, alas!  Our prayers have been answered.  God has not forsaken us, nor has He forsaken Dan.  Yesterday, it was announced that Sepulveda signed with the Steelers pending, unsurprisingly, a physical on his right knee.  This would seem to imply that Kapinos will receive the proverbial boot, and Dan will be retake his throne.  It’s a celebration!


Angels sing, trumpets blare, mothers weep, children cry out, small woodland animals scatter, opposing special teams cower in fear, and somewhere….a number 9 stands ready to DOMINATE ALL!