Steelers Training Camp Position Battles: Overview

The Steelers have started camp and have had their run test.  Now it is time for practice and even though the first one was cut short by rain camp has officially started.  As always there are some position battles that have to be fought out.  This years team does not have many holes to fill with the resigning of Ike Taylor and Willie Colon.  So not many starting spots will be up for grabs.  Minus the damn Offensive Line.  The back ups though have some work cut out for them. There are 6 battles that will be played out in camp.  I cant wait to go through them all.

Position Battles

  1. Nickel Cornerback
  2. Right Guard
  3. Left Tackle
  4. Back Up Tight End
  5. Third, Fourth and Fifth Receiver
  6. Back Up and Emergency Quarterback