Steelers Undrafted Free Agents

This will be a running post.  Everytime we get a new name it will be added to the list.  Here are the guys who seem to have been accounted for but not signed yet by the Steelers.  This list is going to be just like the lockout.  Rumors will fly over and over but until the Steelers announce anything this list is unconfirmed.  We have 6 so far.  The first two were big for the Steelers.  Saunders was a first round talent with a knee injury and poor attitude.  It may help us save money that we would have spent on Spaeth.  Gray also could be a contributor later on down the line.  Remeber though teams need 90 players on their roster for training camp.  So there could be upwards of 35-40 guys on this list.

  1. Anthony Gray – Nose Tackle, Southern Miss
  2. Weslye Saunders- Tight End, South Carolina
  3. Miguel Chavis- Defensive End, Clemson
  4. Terrence McCray- Wide Receiver, Ohio
  5. Adam Mims- Wide Receiver, Furman
  6. John Clay- Running Back, Wisconsin
  7. Colin Miller- Center. Central Michigan
  8. Trevis Turner- Offensive Linemen, Abilene Christian
  9. Armand Robinson- Wide Receiver, Miami(OH)
  10. Vaugh Charlton- Tight End/H-Back, Temple
  11. Brent Greenwood- Safety, Iowa
  12. Niles Brinkley- Cornerback, Wisconsin
  13. Eric Clanton- Outside Linebacker, Citadel
  14. Mario Harvey- Inside Linebacker, Marshall
  15. Eric Greenwood- Wide Receiver, Idaho

Update:  The Steelers have confirmed all of these signings.

  • bamasteel

    From the Steelers website:

    Vaughn Charlton, TE/HB (Temple)John Clay, HB (Wisconsin)Terrence McCrae, WR (Ohio)Armand Robinson, WR (Miami University)Adam Mims, WR (Furman)Weslye Saunders, TE (South Carolina)Colin Miller, C (Central Michigan)Trevis Turner, OT (Abilene Christian)Brent Greenwood, S (Iowa)Niles Brinkley, CB (Wisconsin)Eric Clanton, OLB (Citadel)Mario Harvey, MLB (Marshall)Miguel Chavis, DE (Clemson)Anthony Gray, DT (Southern Miss)Eric Greenwood, WR (Idaho

  • Jmcneill17

    Three more added!
    Ty Boyle, DE (North Dakota)
    Joshua Harrison, T (South Carolina State)
    Derek Chard, LS (Connecticut)