ESPN Magazine Ranks Top Sports Franchises: Steelers Rank 7th

On Friday, ESPN Magazine will come out with it’s annual ranking of the 122 professional sports franchises in the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL.  So, there’s no surprise because ESPN likes to ride the bandwagon and ranked the Green Bay Packers as the best Franchise, last year it was the Saints.  The Steelers tend to […]

2012 NFL Draft Prospects: Quarterback

This years Quarterback class has much larger names than the class of 2011.  It has the defined Number One Prospect in Andrew Luck.  There are big names with big pedigrees in Matt Barkley and Landry Jones both of which have improved dramatically since entering college and are starting to live up to their hype.  It […]

2012 NFL Draft Prospects: Offensive Line

When looking at next year’s prospects, there are certain positions you can get really excited for.  One of those positions is the Offensive Line.  As much as I love the Big Guys up front, you know that is where I am starting.  This group of guys is deep, strong and athletic.  As bad as everyone […]

Roethlisberger Ranked 41 in NFL by his Peers

On NFL Networks list of the 100 Best Current NFL Players list as voted by the players, Ben Roethlisberger came in at number 41.  That puts Ben in the top 2 and a half percent of all Football Players in the NFL which isn’t the worst company to keep.

I do have a problem […]

2012 College Prospects: Overview

Alright, I am back from 3 weeks of hell at work and ready to get back to what really matters – football. Since the NCAA is still up and running (unlike the NFL), let’s delve into that.  We’ll get back to the Pro Talk once they decide to stop being 6 year olds. As for […]