Steelers sticking with St. Vincent training camp for now

Amidst many other teams, Ravens and Jets to name a few,  opting out of using their normal training camp facilities for this year even if a CBA is reached in time, the Steelers are not doing that.  Some teams such as the Minnesota Vikings have given a drop dead date to their training camp site of July 20th.  No CBA, no training camp.  All these teams will then be relegated to holding training camp at their private practice facilities with no public practices.  Per the Post-Gazette a spokesman for St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA says that the school will be ready if they need them.  Both the Steelers and St. Vincents have confirmed that no drop dead date has been discussed yet.

Though local businesses that count on the revenue they receive from training camp coming there are starting to get a little nervous.  A local hotel estimates they will lose $18,000-$20,000 in revenue if training camp is not held at Latrobe.  It’s funny to see how all this ridiculous back and forth between the owners and players trickle down and affect so many people’s welfare.