2012 NFL Draft Prospects: Wide Receiver and Tight End

This years draft class has a good group of Wide Receivers in it.  There is not an A.J. Green in the group but it does have a good bit of talent that could land in round 1.  This is also a very large class with only two of the top rated prospects under 6 feet tall.  This is much more of a possession group than an underneath slot receiver yards after catch type of group.  Teams will go nuts with the size of these receivers this season.  Look at this years draft.  Atlanta mortgaged its future to get Julio Jones who was 6-4 and could run a 4.3 40 yard dash.  Teams covet these types of guys.  It will be the same reason that Plaxico Burress will get a good sized pay day at 34 and not playing for 3 years.  Teams just can’t stay away.

The Tight End class on the other hand is not high on talent this season.  Many experts seem to think that Coby Fleener from Stanford could break out this year since Andrew Luck decided to stay in school but other than that your not hearing much of a buzz from this position.   Someone may jump out later in the year but do not expect much from this group of guys this season.  Teams that are looking for tight ends may have to do their damage in Free Agency.

The Best: Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina- Jeffery is a big boy at 6’4″ and 230.  He is more of a Keyshawn Johnson type receiver at that size than a Calvin Johnson.  He is more of a possession guy.  He can run and get the deep ball but he is a better route runner.   He catches everything and is willing and able to go over the middle.

Jeffery popped on the scene as a freshman with some great stats as a true freshman.  He then came out in his sophomore season and blew those numbers away.  He almost doubled his catches and did double his yardage total.  He upped his yards per catch to 17.2 and scored 9 touchdowns.  With over 1,500 yards as a sophomore he could have come out of school this year if allowed to and been a top tier pick.  This kid will go top 10 no matter what.  If his quarterback is allowed back on the team after another infraction then Jeffery should have another huge season.  He will be a top ten pick.  You can count on that.

My Favorite: Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers- Sanu is in the same boat as the guy in the sleeper category, Moye but he doesn’t have a great quarterback to help him make plays.  He is getting the benefit of the doubt though where Moye is not.  Sanu had a great Freshman season and was expected to break out as a sophomore.  That quarterback issue kind of got in the way though.  His numbers declined in all major categories.  If he has another bad year this year he may take the blame for it even though it is not on him.

The main reason Sanu gets much of his  credit is because he also runs the ball for Rutgers.  He actually had more rushing attempts than he had receptions for Rutgers.  The team wants to get the ball in his hands.  He actually has much better stats running the ball.  He is going to be a Dexter McCluster type player just with more size.

The thing I like most about him is his aggressive play.  He knocks people out on blocks and never shies away from a hit after he catches the ball.  Sanu is oddly shaped though.  He actually looks like he spent time in prison.  He has those skinny little receiver legs and a beast upper body.  Another reason why he runs the ball well.  He looks to be half running back and half wide receiver.  I will take him on this team any time though.

Most Over Hyped:Nick Toon, Wisconsin- Wisconsin is a running style team.  Nick Toon makes some plays but he is not as big a receiver as he is said to be.  I am not going to blast him though.  It is not often you see a receiver be a big player out of Wisconsin.  He just gets a little to much chatter because of that fact though.  There really wasn’t a major Over Hyped guy in the receiver category.  This is a pretty solid class. 

Sleeper: Derrek Moye, Penn State-  Moye is a late round prospect right now and probably will stay that way.  He is a talented big receiver (6’5) and has been Penn State’s leading receiver for the past 2 seasons.  Moye has yet to play with a quarterback who can get him the ball and is still putting up big numbers.  He still will not see a QB this season who will be up to par and Moye will stay behind the scenes just as he is right now.  If put with a good QB in the pros Moye could become a great player.  He has the talent and the ability he just  hasn’t had the proper people around him to bring out that talent.

Other Notables:

Wide Receiver

  • Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M
  • Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State
  • Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma
  • Michael Floyd, Notre Dame- He would be my favorite if he was not a drunk.
  • Greg Childs, Arkansas
  • Justin Criner, Arizona
  • Devier Posey, Ohio State
  • Marquis Maze, Alabama

Tight End

  • Dwayne Allen, Clemson
  • Coby Fleener, Stanford
  • David Paulson, Oregon
  • Michael Egnew, Missouri