What Affect the Possible Proposed CBA has on the Steelers

We have only been able to see bits and pieces of what the new possible CBA will entail but here is how what we have seen so far will affect the Steelers moving forward.  There were four parts of the possible CBA that were talked about today on ESPN and the NFL Network.

No Affect on the aspects of the Steelers that we care about.

  • CBA may last 10 years
  • 48% of all revenue goes to the players

Will affect next season

  • Players become Free Agents after 4 years of service.
  • Teams have to use almost 100% of their cap room.

Those last two will affect the Steelers in different ways.  The fact that teams have to use almost 100% of the Salary cap affects the Steelers in 2 different ways.  The first has almost no affect on the way the Steelers do things.  The Steelers are one of those teams that never goes over the Salary Cap but always is right on the edge of what they are allowed to spend.  There way of doing business will not change in that manner.

The way this does affect the Steelers more though is that there are teams out there who never spend money who will be forced to now.  For example the Tampa Bay Bucs were just over 40 million dollars under the last salary cap in 2009.  They are a young up and coming team who only need a few pieces to make a big run next year.  With 40 million to spend on pieces to build their team they could pull in guys like Nnamdi Asomugha and Santonio Holmes and not even bat an eye.  They would still have more than enough money to spend.  For a team like the Bucs who have had solid drafts the past few season and have built their teams the correct way to be able to bring in 2 or even 3 guys of this caliber could push them to the next level.  If you’re a Bucs fan you are salivating right now because your owner finally has to put some money into your team.

The second thing has 2 major affects on the Steelers.  With the players becoming Unrestricted Free Agents after 4 years the Steelers are losing a few guys who are big parts of our team.  The Steelers Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents would look like this.


  • Willie Colon
  • William Gay
  • Daniel Sepulveda
  • Matt Spaeth

That does not even count our regular Unrestricted Free Agents like Ike Taylor, Mwelde Moore, Keyaron Fox, etc.  These are just the guys that the Steelers put Restricted Free Agent Tenders on and now are open to the market.  There are 4 starters on that list.  The Steelers will have to look to replace all of these guys or get them resigned as soon as Free Agency starts.  Some of these guys like Colon and Spaeth may be offered more from other teams and the Steelers may not be able to retain them.

The other way this affects the Steelers is that now their will be almost 500 Free Agents on the market.  When the CBA is released the expected cap if the players and owners come to a compromise looks to be around 151 million.  That was what the owners were offering to try and get the deal signed before the lockout started.  The owners now are back around the 140 million dollar mark.  If that is the case the Steelers will have very little money to spend.  They will be approximately 12 million under the cap.  The way cornerbacks are going that does not even give them enough money to sign Ike Taylor.  That also does not include any of the above mentioned players who are now Unrestricted Free Agents.

There will be a feeding frenzy when free agency starts and while the Steelers are not real big players in Free Agency on regular years this is one of those years that they need to go out and grab someone who can help in the secondary.  If Ike Taylor is not resigned they need to pull in some young talent.  If they drag there feet it will be slim pickings very quickly.

The Steelers should not be majorly affected by any of the newest rumblings but it would have been nice to have those guys who were restricted free agents as part of the core of this team for one more year.  Otherwise it will look like a normal Free Agency period for the Steelers.

  • Ado

    I believe the owners and players should split 49%(owners) 48% (players) 3% (injured in action/retirees) there is certainly enough money to go around! Then they can get back to playing the game we love and PAY to see! I feel disrespected as a life long fan of football!