James Harrison Named 21st on NFL Top 100

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison was named the 21st overall player on the NFL Top 100 list.  That is a great honor to be given to you by your peers.  Harrison is very deserving of the honor and I think he landed just about in the right spot.  With the guys that are left on the board above him I cannot say that I would move him much farther than where he is.

The only players at his position that he is behind are Demarcus Ware and Clay Matthews.  Matthews was up for Defensive Player of the Year last season and had a stellar season.  Ware has had a good career and is a beast on the outside for Dallas but I do not know if I could put him above Harrison.

If I am guessing correctly the other defensive players on the list you can not be mad that Harrison does not jump many of them.  He is not ranked higher than his own teammate Troy Polamalu.  Guys like Revis, Asomugha, Ngata, Peppers and Ed Reed are all deserve to be up high on the list as well.  They are all stellar talents and it is half a dozen one way and six the other trying to pick between them.  The other guy on the list Ray Lewis gets more votes for his career than this season but if Donovan McNabb made this list than Ray Lewis belongs in the top 10 if that was how people are voting.

Then you have the quarterbacks who got 5 spots in the top 20.  They are the glamor position in the NFL and it is not unexpected that they are this high on the board.  You can’t take away from Manning and Brady they should be right there at the top.  Rodgers and Brees won Super Bowls in the last 2 seasons and Michael Vick was the flavor of the year.

So Harrison seems to be slotted right about where he should be give or take a few spots.  Still a great honor.  Harrison is very deserving.  He puts up big numbers each week and is damn near impossible to block.  He uses his leverage greatly and it gives him an advantage over taller offensive linemen.

Here is who I have in my top 10.  All the guys are still left on the list minus one in Patrick Willis.

Top Ten

  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Tom Brady
  3. Troy Polamalu
  4. Darrelle Revis
  5. Haloti Ngata
  6. Andre Johnson
  7. Nnamdi Asomugha
  8. Clay Matthews
  9. Patrick Willis
  10. Julius Peppers

I will not lie this was the hardest thing to do.  These 10 guys always ended up in my top players though.  Figuring out who was the best was unbelievably tough.  The farther down the list you get the harder it becomes.