Suggs responds to Woodley’s comments about Flacco

Still a little over 11 weeks away from week one of the season, if there is a season and there has already been so much smack talk between the rivals.  Granted LaMarr Woodley started it with his comments about Flacco but it continues to snow ball.   Yesterday on a Baltimore radio station Terrell Suggs had this to say about Woodley,

“LaMarr Woodely is one of the guys who likes to talk out of his ass, I’m not too concerned.”

Woodley took to his facebook page to respond to Suggs.

‘So suggs said “LaMarr Woodley talks out of his a**”.. as rick ross said: “look at urself, now look at me.. u cant see me, im what u use 2 be!!” some quick facts 4 u-sacks last 3 seasons: ME-35 vs you-23.5… SUPER BOWL RINGS: ME-1 vs you-0… lol’

I’m very interested to see if Suggs  comes back at Woodley after that.  This could make for a very, very interesting Week 1.

  • Wisteelerfan

    If anything Suggs is the one who likes to talk out of his a**!