More Tiki to The Steelers Talk

Rumors keep spreading that Tiki Barber is going to be a Steeler.  Lets hope they are just that, RUMORS.  There is no spot on this team for Tiki Barber.  The Steelers have the ability to sign Mwelde Moore back to the roster who is a better option and they drafted Baron Batch to become the player in this role.  The Steelers also have Jonathan Dwyer and Issac Redman in the waiting and if one of them were to lose their roster spot to Tiki Barber I would most likely throw a fit.

The reasons people are giving for Tiki becoming a Steeler are hysterical.  My favorite of the group is that Mike Tomlin would cut him if he did not belong and not just let him drag along and ride into the sunset on the bench.  Really?!?!  Mike Tomlin’s intestinal fortitude is why Tiki should be a Steeler.  Who makes this stuff up.

It has also been mentioned that Coach Tomlin would be willing to throw a bone a to his old buddy’s brother.  Ronde Barber and Tomlin go back to Coach’s days in Tampa Bay when Tomlin was the secondary coach.  They have a good relationship and it could possibly put Tiki in a position to join this team.

I can’t see it happening with Tiki’s past.  He blasted Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning the minute he walked out the door blaming them for the Giants struggles.  Once his cancerous attitude was out of the locker room the Giants went on the win the Super Bowl the next season.  The Steelers will not put up with that garbage.  The Rooneys have already said that Tiki would not be coming here.  They do not want him.

People seem to think that since the Steelers have a veteran laden team that Tike would fit right in.  He would know his role and fall in line.  That’s not what his comments say.  Tiki has already also stated he won’t sit on the bench.  He wants reps.  There are no reps on this team.  Mendenhall gets them all.  Issac Redman who has more than earned his share of playing time can’t even get touches.  If he can not get touches how is Tiki going to?  Tiki is not known for keeping his mouth shut so he will be blasting people if we lose because he is not getting the ball.

These are some pros and cons for Tiki to become a Steeler.


  • Catches the Ball well out of the backfield
  • Experienced
  • Cheap


  • Old
  • Hasn’t played in 4 years
  • Bad Teammate
  • Big Mouth
  • Rusty
  • Just wants his name in the paper
  • Claims to have depression from not playing football

I do not want Tiki on this team.  He is not a veteran leader, he is a cancer.

  • Waste of talent and a roster spot.