What is with Pete Prisco’s Vendetta Against Troy Polamalu?

Did Troy Polamalu steal Pete Prisco’s ball as a child?  It sure does seem like it.  In the last two off seasons PP, yeah lets call him PP it sounds fitting, has written about his over rated players in the NFL.  This article states how overrated Polamalu is.  Last season I wrote an post on this subject as well.

Now this offseason PP has come back with Troy not being just the most overrated Steelers player but the most overrated player in the NFL.   This all coming after Troy won the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year due to his overrated ability.  PP can’t seem to figure out why Polamalu won the award though.  He just doesn’t see it.  I think it is because he spends too much time under the tanning bed.  The lights must have affected his eye sight and brain function.  I mean look at the guys picture he is almost orange.

PP does not even put up a compelling argument as to his reasons why Polamalu is overrated.  He states things like he got run over by Ray Rice and disappeared in the playoffs as reasons why Polamalu is overrated.  I am pretty sure the last time I checked that Ray Rice is a beast and Polamalu is not the only player to have been trucked by him.

The reason why Troy disappeared during the playoffs was an Achilles injury not a groin injury PP.  If your going to blast someone at least gets your facts straight.  Most people do not return from Achilles injuries ever.  Case and Point Former Steeler Kendall Simmons, Former Penn State Star LaVarr Arrington and now most recently The Big Daddy Shaq Diesel.  Let alone the fact that Troy played through the pain and the injury in the same season not just sit out and come back the next year.

Poor journalism is the reason why people hate the media.  Now being part of that group I find it sad that PP has a real job at a good organization in CBS.  The stuff he puts out is utter garbage.  You can’t make a story because you personally dislike someone and call it fact.  You did not even use real facts.

PP don’t worry I will get a hold of Troy and have him give you your ball back if it will make things less dicey between you and well yourself since Polamalu has never once said a bad word about you.

  • Davis_21999

    Who is Pete Prisco?, and why should I care what he thinks?  Go Troy!!  Go Steelers!!!!!!!

  • Duran_l

    No, it’s probably because Troy has a beautiful head of hair and Peter Pricko is turning bald LOL!

  • Garlo83

    PP is a misfit, a malecontent, and a Moron.
    With those highlighted personality traits, ole PP is PPissed at god and taking it out on the god of the Defense, Mr. Troy!
    Get a life PP …. either that, or grow up.

  • randsteel

    troy is nfl’s beast of beast’s