Flacco responds to Woodley’s comments

A couple weeks ago LaMarr Woodley was on the NFL Network and was asked whether or not Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco would ever lead his team to a Super Bowl.  His reply was priceless and what every Steeler fan wants to hear:

“No, not at all because they have to go through one team — that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers in that AFC championship. So in order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we’re not gonna let that happen once we get that close. So that’s not gonna happen in this lifetime.”

Well, 10 days later Joe Flacco finally got up the courage to respond to Woodley in an interview with WBAL in Baltimore:

“[Woodley] obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about…..At some level I don’t care [what Woodley says] because what does that really mean? But there is another level where it does kind of piss you off a little bit.”

“We just need to come up a little bigger than we have while playing those guys a couple of times.  I mean, come on. What does he think? That they’re going to do it every year? … I think we are going to have a lot more years in Baltimore where we’re going to have a good chance [to win it all], but we realize we have a really good chance right now and we just want to go ahead and win it.”

“Believe me, when I hear that kind of stuff, it definitely sparks a little something in me.”

Yes,  Woodley does believe that they are going to do it every year.  Why wouldn’t he?  All you have to do is look at the stats:

  • Steelers v. Ravens all time record since 1996- Pittsburgh 21-12
  • Post Season- Pittsburgh 3-0
  • Division Championships since 2000- Baltimore 2- Steelers 6.

So, yes Joe he does believe that they can do it every year.

One can only hope that they get the CBA resolved because week one in Baltimore is looking to be one of the best games of the year.