Steelers Hines Ward on Dancing with the Stars

Even though it was rumored that Brett Favre would be the football player to follow in the steps of Michael Irvin and Chad Ochocinco it was in fact our very own Hines Ward that will be on Dancing with the Stars.  The show premieres on March 21st on ABC.

This season has an interesting cast […]

Combine Recap – Defensive Line and Linebackers

This year’s draft is criminally loaded with exceptional defensive linemen and outside linebacker prospects, especially potential three techniques and 3-4 outside backers who would be of particular interest to the Steelers.  Amazingly, even picking at the tail end of the first round at pick 31, the Steelers find themselves likely to be in position to […]

Combine Recap – Backs and Receivers

This is touted as a great group of receivers but what I saw today was a lot of balls hitting the ground and many receivers who don’t know how to run a good route.  This is a group of bigger receivers coming out this season so you do not expect them to be extremely fast […]

Combine Recap – Offensive Line

If you listened to The Show on TribLIVE Radio with Ken Laird last week then you heard them discuss the trade-off with taking an offensive lineman in Round 1 of this year’s draft. On the one hand the offensive line is a position of serious need for the Steelers given the uncertainty surrounding Willie Colon’s […]

BB&G Quote of the Week

It’s NFL Combine Weekend, oh happy day, so it is only fitting that the Quote of the Week come from the crew on NFL Network.  Even though they are generally doing a pretty decent job of filling a shockingly large amount of airtime, when you are broadcasting live for 8 hours there are bound to […]

Poll: Will Pitt Get the #1 Overall Seed in the NCAA Tournament?

Previously, we queried whether the Pens would be able to pull out the Atlantic division and this was your response:

Will the Penguins win the Atlantic Division?

No. Injuries are taking a toll. (53%, 49 Votes) Yes, but just by a hair. (24%, 22 Votes) You know who sucks? The Islanders. (18%, 17 […]

Bruce Arians getting the LeBeau Treatment

Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians contract expired at the end of the season and both he and the team are exploring the idea of retaining him on a one year deal for next season.  Arians stated at the beginning of this off season that this would be his last coaching job so it looks like […]

Panther Postgame Prospectus

Huggins came out with a perfect game plan last night (say what you want about the man off of the court but he knows his way around the game of basketball) when he decided to have the ‘Eers turn the game into a slow-ball slugfest in the first half. With his bench largely nonexistent these […]

Penguins Injury Pile Up

Does anyone know how it is that the Pens are 2nd in points in the East?  The injuries have piled up on the Pens in absurd proportions.    So, I went back to the very first game of the regular season against the Flyers on October 7, 2010 to see what the lines were for that […]

Willie Colon does not plan to be a Steeler in 2011

Willie Colon is up for Free Agency this year and even though he says he wants to be a Steeler, he thinks that there is very little chance that he returns to the team.  Colon is looking for a big payday and he doesn’t see it coming from the Steelers organization.

Colon is already receiving […]

Woodley Accepts Steelers Offer

LaMarr Woodley, the Steelers linebacker did not waste any time as it took him less than a week to sign the  offer of the Franchise Tag placed on him by the Steelers.  Woodley will make just over $10 million next season.  It is all guaranteed money.

Woodley and the Steelers can now also work on […]

Kovalev Komes to Konsol

The Penguins, desperate really for any warm bodies with a semblance of scoring touch, turned to a familiar face this afternoon when they reacquired Alexei Kovalev from the Ottawa Senators for a seventh round draft pick (#Draft{{1}}).  Kovalev isn’t exactly the top line goalscorer that he was during his last time around the Burgh but […]

Lebeau to Return for 2011 Season

The Steelers and Defensive Coordinator Dick Lebeau are about to polish off another one year deal that will have him around for next season.  It was rumored the Lebeau could be either retiring or heading to Arizona.  After the reports came out Lebeau, let everyone know that if he coached in 2011 it would be […]

Pitt has 6 invited to Scouting Combine

The Pittsburgh Panthers will be represented well at the combine and in the NFL Draft this year.  They have six players who will attend the combine and all of them should be drafted along with a few more non-drafted invitee candidates.  This is the order in which I see them being drafted right now.

Steelers Team Needs: Defensive End

Now that the season is over, it is time to start preparing for next year. The team filled some major holes in last year’s draft by adding depth at Outside Linebacker and bringing in two new young Wide Receivers, but there are many positions still vying for attention.  The Steelers will have the 31st overall […]