5 Up and 5 Down: Jets at Steelers

While at the game this weekend I realized that I love everything about Heinz Field but it keeps me from getting the info I need to get a good look at the intricacies of the game.  The Steelers made the playoffs before they even touched the field Sunday thanks to Indianapolis, so even with the loss the season will still be at least one extra week.  This was a rough loss.  Roethlisberger could not pull out the victory as he has done so many times before.  The officiating finally has caught up with us.  Sometimes two opponents are bigger than anyone can handle.

5 Down

  1. Bruce Arians- Is the word Moron a good enough word for this guy?  When we are getting 2 yards a carry he feeds the ball to Rashard 30 times.  When we are running all over the field less than 20.  Lets not go with what works.  Lets trick the other team and go away from it.  This guy has to go.  He has no clue how to run an offense.  He is a great offensive mind but he can’t translate it into play calling.  The scheme is fine the product on the field does not equal the scheme.
  2. Bryant McFadden- Another receiver with McFadden equals another 100 yard game.  Braylon Edwards has not played well all season and Bryant McFadden made him look like a pro bowler, as he has done with most of the receivers he has faced all season.  It shows we have no one behind him because he never comes out.
  3. Officiating- Lets count the ways the Jets made plays.  Block in the back on the opening kick off, flag picked up.  Mike Wallace toasts Antonio Cromartie two plays in a row and gets held because Cromartie couldn’t keep up.  Late in the game Emmanuel Sanders was about to score the game winning touchdown when he was dragged down from behind with no flag thrown.  Ryan Clark was penalized 15 yards for a helmet to helmet hit that was only a hit to the chest.  It was nice to see Clark after the game say he would not change.
  4. No Polamalu No Playmaking- The Steelers had no turnovers this week.  Mark Sanchez had committed a turnover in 8 straight weeks and there was not even one play this weekend when we even had a chance to intercept a pass.  We have no ability to make any plays when Polamalu is not on the field.  If he is not the most important defensive player in the league then I do not know what is.  The Steelers need to look for a replacement for Polamalu soon.  He cannot be the only player teams fear when they pass and it seems that is the way it is.
  5. Pressuring the QB- The Jets gave up 6 sacks last week.  We did not sack Sanchez one time.  We barely got any pressure on him.  This goes back to the last point.  Without Polamalu on the field we are no where near the same team.  We know he can make up for things if we do not get to the QB.  Without him all our rushers drop into coverage to take away the area that Polamalu has vacated.  It lets teams pick us apart.  We can not change just because one guy is down.

5 Up

  1. Lawrence Timmons- Tackling machine.  He was making plays all over the field.  13 total tackles, another huge game for Timmons
  2. Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders- Wallace and the next guy on the up Sanders deserve huge credit for the Steelers even having a chance.  They had 14 catches between the two of them.  They both also made veteran plays in moving the Steelers down the field.  Sanders made the play on 3rd and 24 to get the first down and ran over and gave the ball to the ref to keep the offense moving.  Wallace later in the drive caught a pass and started to go outside but thought better of it and went down.  That gave the Steelers more time to work with and almost got them to the victory.  Wallace had another 100 yard game and went over 100o yards for the first time in his career.
  3. Rashard Mendenhall-Mendenhall had another 100 yard game.  He also surpassed last years total to give himself the highest rushing total of his career with 2 games left to play.  Mendenhall averaged 5.9 yards per rush and was gashing the Jets Defense.
  4. Brett Keisel- Man does this guy make a difference.  Keisel knocked down two more passes that would have led to first downs and got the Steelers the ball back to help give the Steelers a chance to score.  He had 4 tackles and played stout in the run game.  The Jets went away from him most of the game.
  5. Offensive Line– Best job they did all season.  This looked like a unit today.  They made holes in the running game and kept the pressure off Ben all night.  Roethlisberger was only sacked once and that was a coverage sack. If the line can play like this each week they will give the offense a better chance to score.  With the weather coming in now they need to keep this up.