Steelers Could Have a Long 4-6 Weeks No Matter Who Starts

Throughout the offseason and preseason we have heard that Byron Leftwich will most likely be the starter for the Steelers in the absence of Ben Roethlisberger and it did make a lot of sense as the last time that he was was in town Leftwich played well in a reserve capacity.   Many fans however […]

Dennis Dixon Did Not Grab the Starting Job Last Night

As one of the leaders of the “Hey, Let’s Give Dennis Dixon a Shot” bandwagon I feel personally let down by Dixon’s play last night. He may have finished a somewhat respectable 9 for 16 on his passing attempts but he went into the locker room at the half only 6 for 13 and I […]

A Brief Synopsis of Keenan Lewis’ Last Game as a Starter

5 Game Suspension for Roethlisberger?

Mike Wise, a sports columnist for the Washington Post, tweeted that Roethlisberger will receive a 5 game suspension.  He also said that he “couldn’t reveal his sources”.  I don’t know how much stock I would put in this.  I would guess in all likelihood Goodell hasn’t officially made any decision yet, and if he has […]

Pouncey Plays Well in First Start

Steelers Rookie Center, Maurkice Pouncey got his first start last night and shined in his new role and for the most part he looked like a veteran out there making plays.  Pouncey was tested by Broncos Pro Bowl defensive tackle Jamal Williams in this game in his first professional experience against a 3-4 defense […]

The End of Justin Hartwig

Justin Hartwig did not enter last night’s game until the middle of the third quarter and failed to impress even in that role.  Hartwig looked as if he had given up and did not care from the moment he stepped on the field and he didn’t bother to even block the backups for the Broncos.  […]

5 Up, 5 Down Steelers vs. Broncos

The Steelers played their third preseason game last night against the Denver Broncos.  Here are the good and the bad from the game.

5 Up

Offensive Line- There was a good pocket all night long, minus one play from Trai Essex which cost us a sack.  Roethlisberger was not flushed from the pocket and he […]

Roethlisberger to Meet with Goodell After Final Preseason Game

Ben Roethlisberger will meet with the Commissioner, Roger Goodell, after the final preseason game on Thursday.  Ben will head to New York to find out what his final decision will be regarding Roethlisberger’s suspension.  Goodell has said that he would make a decision before the start of the regular season as to whether it would […]

What To Watch For: Steelers vs. Broncos

5 things to watch going into Sunday Nights game versus the Broncos

Maurkice Pouncey lining up at center with the first team- Pouncey will get his first chance to start after taking all the reps with the first team over the last two days.  Pouncey will be facing stiff competition tonight in former pro bowler […]

An Absurd Reasoning: Pirates Fall to Brewers 7-2

We don’t do Pirate game recaps here as a general rule.  There was a time early in the blog’s history when we did what we thought was our daily duty and broke down last night’s action but quite frankly there are more than a few sites (Bucs Dugout, WHYGAVS, PLC, et al) that are doing […]

Panther Position Breakdown: The Defense

Continuing yesterday’s series on the projected lineup and the camp reports of your 2010 Pittsburgh Panthers, today we take a look at the defensive side of the ball.

Defensive End: Along with the wide receiver corps, defensive end is one of the unquestioned strengths for this season’s Panthers.  Senior leaders Greg Romeus and Jabaal Sheard […]

Panther Position Breakdown: The Offense

It is getting close to college football time once again as the students have arrived back on campus and the Panthers have closed up camp over on the South Side.  So with less than one week to go until the prime time Thursday night opener against the Utes, now is as good of a time […]

Pirates’ Owners Can Pay Taxes but The Team is Still Losing

On Monday Pittsburgh Pirate financial documents from 2007 & 2008 were leaked to the press on Deadspin and have caused quite a stir around the intertubes.  No company wants to see all of their laundry hung out for anyone to peruse, especially if that someone is a billionaire with a losing baseball team, but said […]

The Roundup

There are sometimes little things that come up which we skip over at BB&G, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.  There were a few notable occurrences this past week, so here they are:

Three Pittsburgh athletes, Penguins Max Talbot, Mike Rupp and former Pirate Sean Casey, traveled to Haiti and spent some time there […]

Dennis Dixon Will Play Against First Team at Denver

Dennis Dixon is going to be given the chance to play against the first string at Denver.  This is great news, because it means that Tomlin is open to the idea of Dixon being the starter for the four to six games without Roethlisberger.  Most of the summer, it has not looked like that would […]