Mike Rice Moves to Rutgers

Former Pitt assistant Mike Rice continued his rapid rise through the collegiate ranks by reportedly accepting the position of the head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights today.  Rice is set to replace Fred Hill, a man who NJ.com called “the biggest disappointment in school history” which is truly saying something at a school whose biggest claim to basketball fame is pulling off one upset every season or so at home.

Mike Rice in a rare relaxed moment. (Jim Rogash/Getty)

Rice compiled a 73-30 record at Robert Morris after leaving the Pitt bench and was widely regarded as one of the hottest young coaches in America after pushing Villanova to the brink of elimination this year.  He’ll have his work cut out for him though trying to win at Rutgers, a school with poor facilities, little to no basketball reputation and a roster completely devoid of Big East caliber talent with the exception of Dane Miller.  Still, the BB&G staff has always had a soft spot for the guy and his aggressive personality so we hope that he does very well.  Just not better than Pitt.